Makeup tips for Glasses Wearers + Giveaway

I must admit I don’t wear glasses often as the prescription I have isn’t too strong so I don’t feel the need to use them as much but today i thought it would be nice to share some makeup tips for those who do wear glasses. Don’t get me wrong you don’t have to wear makeup when you wear glasses at all but if you want to wear it here are a few things I always keep in mind and do to make sure I’m looking my best with my spectacles. 

In the pictures above I’m wearing London Retro Retrospectiv glasses called Retro Ohara, I really love the shape of these frames they are not too big and not too small either. I’ve always had problems in the past with my frames being to small for my eyes and always end up getting headaches because I’m constantly looking over the frames to see properly, these glasses fit perfectly and I can finally see! I’d love to see these frames in a tortoiseshell colour or brown, they currently come in Black Crystal which is what I have and also Red Crystal super vibrant and perfect for any fashionista! If your worried about buying glasses online because you can’t try them on then you should definitely check out Glasses Direct because they actually offer a Free 7 day home trial where you can choose four frames order them online and have them delivered within 2 working days to give them a try, once your happy with the frames you want you simply place your order online and pop your trial box back in the post back to Glasses Direct (free post) a really great idea I think! Enough of me rambling, lets get on with the makeup tips! 
This may seem like an odd thing to focus on as I know for some people your glasses probably hide your brows but I do find that wearing glasses can draw more attention to the brow area so make sure your brows are well groomed and filled to perfection. I find that even when my brows do need a wax I can still get away with just filling them and giving them a little spruce, it definitely helps define the eyes too.
Keep It Simple
You don’t have to go crazy with the eye makeup when your wearing glasses as you wont really see it so no need to make all the extra effort, this makes doing our makeup a lot quicker. Add a quick slick of liquid liner to the top lash line, a coat of mascara and your ready to go! For the base I like to make sure it’s looking flawless so I go for a medium to full coverage foundation as I really like a flawless finish but if you prefer a more natural look use a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream just make sure you’ve got a good concealer to hand and pop some under the eyes, we don’t want our eye bags showing now do we!
Make a Statement 
If there any time I feel more comfortable wearying a bold lip it’s when I’m wearing glasses, It’s probably because I keep it pretty simple with the eyes so by adding a pop of colour to the lips adds a little more sass and frames the face much better too, it definitely makes everything look a bit more uniform and having a bold lip is much more fun! My favourite is of course a red lip!
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I hope you found this helpful, I’d love to know what tips you have for glasses wearers if you wear glasses I’m sure there’s lots more out there! 
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