My Dream Bathroom

Having been in our new home for over a year now and the main focus being on our Kitchen next I still can’t help myself from looking at bathroom ideas and thinking about my dream bathroom, our bathroom at the moment is nice but I just feel I need to add that extra modernisation and personal touch for it to really feel like mine. I thought today I’d talk you through a few key thing’s I’d like to change and show you some fabulous pieces of furniture and Items I’ve found to help create that, it’s all going on my ‘House wish list’ and I shall have to keep everything written down until I pluck up the courage to mention it to my husband… he is forever rolling his eyes when I come up with more things I’d like to do to the house! 
First of all, I want everything to be pretty neutral I’m all about whites and that clean look so when I came across this high gloss white bathroom set I instantly fell in love, I really think bathroom furniture can really make a difference. What I also love is the price, a lot of the items in this range have up to 57% off, that will make it easier when I tell hubby this is what we are buying next. I’m in love with all the storage, at the moment we have one small cabinet which barely fits Marks toiletries in let alone my huge stash so having all of these fantastic cupboards and drawers would be amazing there will be a section for Mark, Vinny and I… I think I should have the most though don’t you? 
Storage done it’s time for my essential items! Of course when redesigning a bathroom you need to think about other things, the floor, the paint.. but first of all the Bath! I’ve always really wanted a free standing roll top bath but I don’t think the design of the classic roll top baths would suit my modern design so what do you think about this amazing Slipper bath, it definitely has that luxury feel to it doesn’t it! Now theres nothing better than getting out of a hot bath and getting dry with a warm towel so a super chic towel rail is a must have, we do currently have one which is great but I really love the look of this one it’s much bigger and again much more modern and finally who else finds it annoying when you get out of a hot shower/bath and all of the windows and mirrors are steamed up? I do! So yes I have found a solution and it’s this amazing heated mirror, what a genius idea and I really love the additional lighting detail too so fabulous. 
So those were a few bits that I’d love in my new bathroom, the list seriously goes on but who’s doesn’t? 
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