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It’s Saturday and I have another Personal Style post for you all, I have been dying to wear my new heeled ankle boots ever since I got them and whilst browsing my wardrobe this morning saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ I spotted my white ripped Leigh Jeans from TopSop, these were a favourite of mine in the Summer and as the sun was shining today I thought why not. Just so you know since my last style post my obsession for ankle boots has become out of control, these are the newest added to my collection and let me tell you they are amazing! I have always steered away from heels especially now I’m a mum because they are always uncomfortable for me however I thought it was time I stepped out of my comfort zone and sucked it up! I’m so glad I ordered these boots, they are the most comfortable little shoesies ever and I love them, the heel isn’t too big and definitely mum friendly so if your a mum like me and tend to stay away from heels I’d highly recommend these I’ve had a whole day in town shopping and my feet still feel fabulous! 
I have also been a huge fan of wearing cardigans lately, I find them so easy to wear and comfortable too so I picked up my camel cardi I love how this looks with my boots as the colours blend well. One thing I am really lacking at the moment are nice tops though, I seem to wear a lot of black tops pretty much all the time just because I rarely shop for new tops I tend to mainly focus on new jeans or jackets when I’m out and ignore everything else… I must buy more tops! 
Lastly I have a few little accessories, this faux fur scarf I actually picked up in an Accessorize sale a couple of years ago, I always love their sales and pick up so many bargains it’s crazy how cheap everything goes for once it goes in the sale. My wishbone necklace is from Jewel Street and has been created by the designer is Lily Charmed, they have so many unique pieces on their site I could look for hours! When I was younger I had a serious addiction for necklaces and pendants, I used to have so many and change them up with each outfit I wore. I love how this pendant is so dainty and cute, it’s definitely something I will be wearing a lot. 
What’s your favourite clothing item at the moment? Mine has to be a long cardigan.

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