Virgin Experience Days | Spa Day For Two Charlton House

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know that I have been looking forward to this Spa day for a while, would you believe I have never ever been to a Spa nor had a pamper day with Mark so when I was offered the opportunity to review a Virgin Experience Day I couldn’t say no. I had the option to choose from the Gifts for Menthere was so much to choose from but what stood out for me the most of course being a woman was the Spa Day for Two. I thought it would be a great opportunity for Mark and I to spend the day together relaxing and having  a kind of day date as we don’t get those very often at all being parents we barely get any time to ourselves these days, Mark agreed this would be a great choice so we got booking and we have been delighted with the experience. 
When looking though the different experiences we could choose from on the Virgin Experience website I entered in our location so we could see what options we had closest to us, I then spotted the fabulous Charlton House Hotel and got so excited. Charlton House is in Somerset so only about an hour and a halfs drive from home, it was really easy to find and I have to say the grounds were just beautiful. When we arrived we were greeted by the happy receptionists, their computers were having a bit of a glitch day so were unable to check us in but the lady directed us down to the spa to enjoy our day. Once we got down to the Spa/Beauty area another lady greeted us, Mark and I were looking a little lost but she quickly told us everything we needed to know and checked our names on the list for our treatment times, she then sat us down in the waiting area and handed us a menu to choose our lunch then off to the changing rooms we went to pop on our robes ready for a day of relaxation!
The spa itself was amazing it had a gorgeous heated hydrotherapy pool inside and out, and an outside jacuzzi with a lovely seating area around the pool inside and out. mark and I particularity enjoyed the steam room, there was also a sauna which was of course hot hot hot and a Laconium which was for people who just couldn’t handle the heat of the sauna and steam room. Mark and I went into each room but the steam room was our favourite, I really loved how each room had a sign outside it explaining the benefits of each room and recommended times to spend in each room. After this you could enter the experience showers, one side was running with hot water and the other with ice cold water which was actually very refreshing after being in a super hot steamy room! Ofcourse after all this we wanted to stay hydrated so throughout our day we grabbed ice cold drinks from the fountain, it was wonderful.
We spent a few hours enjoying all of the different facilities then popped back up to the changing rooms to get ready for lunch, we didn’t feel we had to get changed because every guest around the hotel had their robes on but as we weren’t going back to the pool afterwards we did. Off to lunch we went and we were sat down by the window looking out to such beautiful views, as mentioned the grounds were just stunning and despite it being dreary day the sun still shone though the beautiful glass windows. Drinks were brought out followed by some gorgeous warm bread on a platter, I wasn’t expecting this but couldn’t wait to dig in. The bread was delicious and I just couldn’t wait to try the meals we chose, each meal was simply delicious and pure quality they were so flavoursome and Mark and I soon gobbled it all up! Puddings were chocolate mousse which Mark particularly enjoyed as he is a chocoholic so it was pretty much made for him. Food definitely gets a 10/10, it was amazing! 
After lunch we decided to take a walk around Charlton house to really take in the beauty of it, it’s such a relaxing place with a really lovely vibe. We had some time to spare before our facials so went up to the lounge area and had a cup of tea in front of the cosy fire. It was ever so relaxing, we had such a chilled out day I think both Mark and I could have fallen asleep in front of the fireplace.. I must admit I almost did! 
Time to wake myself up a bit, it was now time for our facials and Mark and I were suddenly very giddy and teenage like, two lovely therapists introduced themselves and directed us to the dual treatment room we would be in. Being a lady I already knew what I was in for with a facial even though I had never had one before I got the gist, Mark on the other hand was in for a surprise. We both laid side by side, lights were dimmed and relaxing music switched on it was time for our treatments. Eyes closed, all I could think of was Mark lying there and him thinking ‘What on earth am I doing here?!’ I couldn’t help but giggle which made him giggle also which made things a little awkward because all I could think of was to try not to laugh anymore as this was meant to be a more serious and relaxing vibe! Giggles aside I then tried to forget Mark was there so I could fully enjoy the experience and I have to say I felt refreshed and revitalised afterwards, all of the products used on our skin were by Elemis which are a favourite skincare brand of mine. After the treatments and once the therapists had left the room Mark jumped up and asked me to feel his skin, I think he genuinely enjoyed the experience but was not expecting the whole lying down, lights out kind of thing because he said to me afterwards ‘ I thought you just sit down and they put a green mask on…’ I of course couldn’t stop laughing and we both giggled the whole way home. I’d love to go on one of these experience days again, I think next time I’d love to try a body massage I’ve never been for one before and I think that I could really benefit from one I’m always so tense and never get time to just relax! 
What can I say, what an amazing day we had at Charlton House thank you to Virgin Experience Days for treating us to this memorable day I’d highly recommend checking out the ‘Gifts For Men’ section if your looking to treat your man. Bring on the next Spa day!
Have you ever been on a Spa day with your partner? 

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