What I Wore | Winter Snuggles

Jumper | Fever Designs*  // Vest | New Look  // Jeans | New Look // Hat | River Island  // Boots | Kaleidoscope*
Well, well, well what do we have here another fashion post! I’m really enjoying doing more fashion posts lately and hope to do more in the future, I think one of the reasons I haven’t done many is because I can’t seem to find a spot in my house where I can take good photos so I can show you everything. Do let me know what you think of this set up, I’m in Vinnys took as you can probably tell with the Vinny canvas behind me it’s the only place I can be in natural light and keep the camera far enough away from me to get a full length shot. Fashion bloggers, do tell me your secrets It’s so hard getting a good set up for fashion shots and I need all the help I can get. 
My outfit today has quite a wintery vibe to it, I bought this gorgeous hat from River Island the other day and loved it so much I got it in baby blue too… I’m hinting to hubby for the black one for Christmas. It goes so well with my super cosy fluffy jumper from Fever, last year I steered away from  wearing fluffy jumpers fearing they’d make me look fat or bigger than what I was but I think the mum in me now thinks ‘forget that, I want to be warm an cosy!’ It’s time to embrace the snugly jumpers and get warm, this jumper is a lovely fit I think I could have gone for a size smaller but I still love it and having it a bit looser means I can eat more this winter and hide it hoorahh!
I bet your all shocked to see me in a different pair of jeans aren’t you? Yes I thought it was about time I bought some jeans that weren’t black and to try change things up a little I’m stepping out of my comfort zone again and although it may seem silly to be saying that I’m super happy. I love these jeans, I got them from New Look a couple of weeks ago they have a nice stretch to them so I can still move comfortably and they are mid rise so not my usual high rise jeans but again still pretty comfortable. 
Lastly another thing I’d not usually do and that’s to wear ankle boots, this is a day of firsts isn’t it? I always worried that ankle boots would make me look like my legs were short and stumpy and also make my legs look larger than what they are but I always loved how they looked on others and thought this is the year to give them a go and I actually love them! These boots are from Kaleidoscope, I ordered my usual size 7 although I am a 6.5/7 these fit well. I do have wide feet so they feel a little narrow at the moment but after a few days wear they are already starting to soften up and they are wonderful, I’m so glad I finally have a pair of ankle boots. 
Do you love to wear fluffy jumpers and have you bought a pair of ankle boots for the colder seasons? 

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