Molton Brown Gingerlily Perfect Bathing Set

With Christmas over I thought I’d share with you a gift I was kindly sent from Molton Brown, I have to admit I have never tried anything from Molton Brown before… I know.. where have I been?! I was super excited to receive my very first gift set from the brand over Christmas and today I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. It’s certainly been a busy month so having time to relax and have a bubble bath is just bliss to me and having gorgeous smelling products to use at the same time is heaven. 
The Gingerlily Bathing Set includes a 300ml body wash, 300ml nourishing body lotion and a Gingerlily mini candle to really step up the relaxation it’s also worth over £53 so you’ve got a nice little saving there too. I’ve never smelt the Gingerlily fragrance before but I have to say it is beautiful and perfect for winter, It’s in the Floriental fragrance family, it’s got a slight spice to it and such a gorgeous alluring feel. I’ve been using this set every time I have a bath and my husband never fails to mention how nice I’m smelling… coming from a man that is good I can’t believe he actually notices but it makes me feel even more special when he does. 
The candle in the set is amazing! Why have I never tried any candles from Molton Brown before!? The scent lasts for such a long time and the candle is still going too after a fair few hours of burning I need to get another on order because the smell is seriously addictive. 
The shower gel comes in a clear classy bottle with a warm cinnamon coloured shower gel peering though, there’s something about MB packaging I simply adore, it looks so chic and so expensive and I feel ever so cosy looking at the Gingerlily products. I do wish the set came with a bubble bath to add the the relaxing Gingerlily experience but I have had a look and there are plenty of other products with the Gingerlily scent to splurge on so have no fear, the lotion works perfectly after a nice hot bath and keeps that lovely fragrance going for hours, I wake up in the morning and I still smell divine!
Overall I really love this set and I’m so glad I have been introduced to the world of Molton Brown! Have your tried any products from Molton Brown before, what’s your favourite? 

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