Simply Hair

Whether you love hair extensions or run a professional mobile business, SimplyHair is the place to check out. I have been having a really good look around this site and have discovered that it is the place to find amazing quality hair extensions and aftercare products. SimplyHair offer a range of different extensions, from micro ring hair extensions to the super popular dip dye extensions, and what they take pride in on this site is the incredible quality of the hair. All of the hair available on SimplyHair is Deluxe Indian Remy hair which is soft to touch, easy to care for, and looks incredible.
SimplyHair also sell a wide range of aftercare products to ensure the extensions last as long as possible. The range consists of: shampoos & conditioners, hair oils, hair brushes & combs. It is essential that once you’ve spent your money on buying these hair extensions, you look after them properly – that’s why SimplyHair recommend these products and have worked hard to create products that not only leave your hair feeling soft but also smelling and looking great. I really love the look of the hair oils, and they start from just £5.95 which is amazing! 
SimplyHair also provide a thorough selection of guides and resources which are designed to help with all aspects of hair extensions, from colour choices to actual fittings and more. This is a gold mine for mobile fitters, as the business section specifically addresses problems faced by hair extension professionals.
Finally if you are a business then SimplyHair have thought of everything you need, from colour rings for their huge colour selection to micro rings, copper tubes, hair brushes, and pliers! Please make sure that your extensions are fitted by a professional and do not try to apply them on your own – after all, we want gorgeous flowing locks don’t we? 
You can check out SimplyHair by clicking the link here.
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