5 Housewarming Party Tips | On a budget

Let me give you the low down, Mark and I have moved house three times in total. When I met Mark he had a house with his brother, they then built one next door which Mark and I moved into. It was an exciting time but a very expensive time also, as you can imagine building a house isn’t cheap! We then moved back into the old house as we sold the one we were currently living in and then sold that and bought our existing ‘family’ home we are in now around a year and a half ago. Phew yes that was a busy few years, when we moved into this house we had a five month old baby and it was right in the middle of Summer it was such a hectic time. 
That being said once moved in and settled we then had decorating duties and all of that jazz so it was a rather expensive time, we never had a housewarming party with any of our house moves mainly because we were super tired and also because housewarming parties can be quite pricey and if you’ve just moved into a new house you may not want to risk any damage… some people can get a little carried away with their drinks shall we say. Today I thought I’d share 5 tips to host a housewarming party on a budget, I’m not really one to throw a party but if you are and you simply can’t resist then hopefully these will help you out and give you a few creative ideas. 
1 Throw a paint party! Yes that decorating won’t do itself, what a great idea to get your friends over to help out and also give them a house tour! 

2 Don’t worry about buying any special invites for your party, social media is the way to go these days. Just make a Facebook page to invite everyone and for those who don’t use the Internet just grab your phonebook and give them a call, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the chat. 
DIY! Who needs catering, go grab some party food from the shop and get cooking. Bake some cupcakes, throw some pizzas in the oven and let the guests do the eating. 

If you want to get creative why not make your own decorations, bunting is super cute and those swatch cards you got to choose your paints would be perfect to make them! There are so many great DIY ideas on Pinterest and before you pop those Christmas decorations in the loft grab those twinkly fairy lights because they will look super pretty on the mantel piece. 
5 Last but not least just enjoy, a housewarming party really isn’t about how much you spend so don’t worry, people just want to come over have a look at your lovely new home and have a chat. It’s nice to get friends and family together so enjoy, moving home can be a super stressful time so let your hair down and enjoy the party. 
I hope you enjoyed my 5 top tips for throwing a housewarming party, If your a first time buyer don’t worry it’s an exciting time moving home is incredible, we have just started our Kitchen conversion I can’t wait to add our stamp to the new Kitchen/Diner it’s going to be amazing. 
Did you throw a party when you moved home? How did it go? 
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