A Better night’s sleep guaranteed?

Going to bed has to be one of my favourite parts of the day, In fact I think it is for most people that is if your a good sleeper which I like to believe I am. My husband on the other hand is a rather light sleeper and wakes up if he is too hot, or can just hear the wind outside so when I was asked if I wanted to try some new bedding from the Wool Room I was quite intrigued and quickly had a little read all about the company.. it sounded promising so here we are today with a review of some Wool Room bedding. 

I was told that sleeping in wool bedding is guaranteed to provide a better night’s sleep than traditional down or synthetic bedding, due to wool’s incredible ability to regulate temperature and skin moisture levels as we sleep. The Wool Room has recently become the UK’s first complete sleep system to receive Allergy UK accreditation, as wool has been scientifically proven to reduce the symptoms of skin and respiratory allergies so perfect for those prone to allergies or suffer with asthma. 
We were sent the Double Medium Weight Wool Bedding set which includes: 
Double Medium Duvet– 200x200cm (79″x79″ approx) – Standard Double bed size. 250gsm. No synthetic layer. Wool layer is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern. 
Mattress Protector – 137x190cm (54″x75″ approx) – Standard Double bed size. 250gsm Wool layer is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern. Deep 35cm cotton fitted skirt. 
Pillow x2 – 48x74cm (19″x29″) – 2 pillows in standard size. 100% Cotton cover, with quilted wool layer and wool ball filling. Safety zip with no tab. FillingPure washable wool™ Cover100% Cotton

The set itself is currently on sale for £234.47 but usually retails for £334.96, a pretty hefty price for bedding but considering it lasts years I think it’s great investment. Our sleep since trying the Wool Rooms bedding set has been.. excuse the pun, a dream. Mark and I have never slept better, the 8 tog duvet we chose has kept us at the perfect temperature and works both for Mark and I, Mark is usually hot and I am usually always cold so the perfect tog for such a Hot and Cold couple. 
The pillows are a fantastic quality and give a comfortable nights sleep, Mark is usually very fussy when it comes to pillows and always has duck feather pillows but I made him sleep with the wool ones and he said he was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were he also was so impressed with the quilt he said he didn’t move from underneath it all night (he didn’t get too hot and was the perfect temperature!) I was also really impressed with the mattress topper, I always like to protect my mattress with a topper and I have to say this has been the best quality one I have tried it’s super padded and comfortable too. 
Overall I can say both Mark and I did get a great nights sleep with the Wool Rooms bedding, a better nights sleep indeed!
Have you ever considered wool bedding before?

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