DIY Messy Play Mat

Can you guess what we’ve been up to this morning, yep a bit of messy play! The weather hasn’t been great this week so Vinny and I haven’t really been up to much so I thought why not get the paints out and get crafty. I have to admit we don’t do this often enough but I shall be doing some more painting with Vinny in the future as he had so much fun and it kept him super occupied, his little bum didn’t shuffle from his seat once which for a toddler is pretty amazing. 
I thought I’d share with you our table mat because I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, I actually bought this from my local fabric shop and it’s just one of those vinyl table cloths you can get cut to size. I realise this is probably a super simple idea and if your a mum out there you are probably saying, ‘duh’ but I hadn’t actually thought of it until recently. I was actually going to buy Vinny a messy play mat that I had seen online although it was in a floral and very girly print, they didn’t seem to have any boyish mats so that’s the reason I didn’t end up buying until I saw this in the fabric shop I got it cut to size and asked for 1 metre x 1 metre and it’s the perfect size as it fits on his table nicely and covers a good amount of space on the floor, if you have more than one child you may want to consider a slightly larger size. 
What I love about this is that you can get a huge range of prints; children prints, floral, dotty, the list goes on but whats even more fabulous is if you like to keep everything very themed in your home you can get matts to match your colour scheme. The mat is perfect to put on the floor whilst little one does some colouring, painting and sensory stuff it’s super easy to clean and cheap too! 
Did you buy your little one a messy play mat or have your carpets done the suffering?!

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