Fashion for the Sporting Year

Sports-loving blokes have it easy. They can follow any sport in the world these days and never leave the comfort of their sofa. They can watch the Super Bowl on live stream TV or catch up with the golf highlights on YouTube. If they support a European football team, they can even keep abreast of all the international football betting on sites such as Bet365 and on other dedicated news websites.
But we girls know there’s nothing like a bit of live action. So, this year, show your fella what he’s missing and make it your mission to experience at least one major sporting event in the flesh. Go to the Grand National in Liverpool, cheer on the underdog at the FA Cup final or bag a centre court seat at Wimbledon. Get yourself a ticket, book your accommodation and then start thinking about the important stuff, like what you’re going to wear. Sporting occasions are fraught with fashion hurdles. Here’s a selection of great go-to events and a few tips on making sure you’re well turned out.
Six Nations Rugby
Wales v England, Millennium Stadium, February 6
The key to blending in here is to keep it casual. Assuming you’re backing England, wear white with a splash of red to show your support. A white puffa jacket with a red scarf or hat would be ideal. Cosy boots are vital and please keep your accessories to a minimum. The key to this look is simplicity. Rugby girls are low maintenance so don’t draw attention to yourself by flinging on the bling. On that note, make-up should be natural. If you must indulge in face-paints then get a discreet St George’s cross on your cheek.
Formula 1 
British Grand Prix, Silverstone, July 5
This can be an intimidating event if you’re an F1 fashion first-timer. The key is style and sophistication over outlandish sex appeal. Leave the bodycon dresses and impractical stilettos to the promotional girls. Instead, stick to stylish maxi-dresses or skinny white jeans. Metallics look sharp, but don’t overdo them and steer clear of Ferrari red – everyone’s wearing it. Adapt your look appropriately for practice sessions (casual), qualifying day (a bit more formal) and keep your best outfit for race day itself. Consider endurance make-up like lipstain and waterproof mascara to take you right through the day. The cars go fast, but the day is long.
Badminton Horse Trials
Gloucestershire, 6 – 10 May
Think comfortable country pile and you can’t go wrong. Yes, there are horses but it’s not a glamorous hat-wearing event like Ascot or an afternoon-tea-sipping affair like polo. Hunter Wellies are de rigueur and happily paired with skinny jeans and a sheepskin jacket.  Take a massive tote but keep it stylish – something Mulberry would not be out of place. Accessories should be classic; a chunky watch, diamond stud ear-rings and designer shades. Hair and make-up should be country casual. Just a touch of tinted moisturiser, a wisp of mascara and a dab of blush to create that perfect English Rose complexion.
How do you dress when your off to watch some sports? 

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