Getting the Perfect Smile

A smile is something that always catches my eye but recently I have been looking at my own teeth and thinking they could be better, I think I’ve mentioned in a few posts before that I had braces when I was younger. One mistake I did make after having my braces removed was I didn’t wear my retainers every night as suggested, this caused my teeth to slowly move over time and they now seem how they used to be when I was younger. They have moved not only because I didn’t wear retainers but also because my wisdom teeth have come though also so it’s pushed my front tooth back out which really annoys me, I definitely have a good side which is what you’ll see in most photos it’s my left side. 
I’ve been thinking a lot recently about quick ways I can fix this problem, I’m not the most patient person so the quicker the better when it comes to treatments. I have been researching a few different processes, one being Invisalign and the other being the Inman Aligner. Invisalign are clear plastic aligners that you wear most of the day to straighten your teeth, the good thing about this is that you can remove it so when your going out or when your going somewhere. 
It’s definitely my preferred choice over the two but what I love about the Inman Aligner is that it has super quick results, some have had great results in as little as 6 weeks although most cases are complete within 4 months which is still fantastic. The Inman Aligner does have a small metal bar that is visible along the front of the teeth although it’s still quite discreet, this is again removable. There is a spring which sits behind the teeth that basically pushes and pulls your teeth into position over time, I think this would suit my issues better than Invisalign as I only have a couple of teeth that need moving. 
I’d love to know if you’ve ever had Invisalign or the Inman Aligner, please share your experiences below it would be good to hear how you got on or if your considering something like this. 
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