Happy New Year

Just wanted to pop on and wish you all a Happy New Year, Mark, Vinny and I have already been out this morning for a Winters walk at Marks grans farm, Vinny had lot’s of fun throwing stones into the river his face was a delight bless him! I’m so excited for 2015, I have so many plans this year for my blog and home life so I feel it’s going to be an exciting year with our Kitchen conversion finally beginning and of course lots of blogging to be done. I feel like this is the year I can really get focused on my blog, last year I decided to split my blog into two and have a separate one for family and lifestyle but towards the end of the year I realised it was probably the wrong decision. You live and you learn, now I’m ready to get focused and enjoy the one blog and my YouTube channel. 
New years resolutions this year are pretty simple, continue to improve my blog content and photography. I have just invested in Photoshop, I enjoy photography so much I thought it was about time I got it but I’m ever so confused with it all so this year I plan to master photoshop a little and continue to take lots of shots of my family as it’s just so wonderful to look back on. I also want to concentrate on my blog as a whole, I want to make sure the content I put out there is great for you all to read and I also need to work on the variety of posts as you know this is a blog for beauty, fashion, life and baby so there’s a lot to juggle but also means there’s lots to write about which I’m excited for. 
Whats your main resolution this year? 

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