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Hoody | Animal // T-shirt | Little Criminal  // Jeans | Asda // Shoes | Clarks 
My little Vinny hasn’t appeared on the blog in a little while so I thought I’d give him a little feature this week, the last few weeks have been pretty hectic at home so we’ve not been up to too much so it’s lounge wear and comfies all round really. I’ve definitely noticed the cold this week and so has Vinny so he has been wrapped up nice and warm, his favourite new jumper is this Animal hoody he likes to call it his bear I think it’s because of the super snuggly lining. The quality of this hoody is amazing, it’s nice and thick so perfect for the super cold days we’ve had and it washes well too! I really like that he could wear this as a jacket if we go out as it’s that warm but he can also wear it at home too. 
I paired it up with a simple Tee and some comfy jeans, Vinny has so many pairs of jeans but he never wears them because they all have annoying buttons and I find they are always so restrictive so when I saw these in Asda the other day I had to buy them. I really love the elasticated waste and it means that if we go out to soft play he will still be comfortable and look smart too. Lastly he is just wearing his Clarks shoes, not that you can see but he wears these alot because they go with most of his outfits and also goes with his main coat which is red. I always like things to match from his socks to his vests, a little odd but it makes me happy. 
What has been your little ones favourite outfit this week, do they help you pick their clothes in the morning? 
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