Pinterest Crazy | Kitchen Inspiration

Hallelujah the new Kitchen journey has finally begun, I have been pinning like mad and I’m ready to get stuck in with our kitchen. Let me tell you a little bit about our kitchen now and what we are working towards, so our existing kitchen is currently very gloomy it has very dark wood units which I think was actually made by the previous owners and it’s been painted a super dark wood varnish which really isn’t me. In this house I wanted everything to feel very bright, airy and fresh which is not the vibe I get when I walk into my kitchen. 
That is all about to change with our new Kitchen ordered, sleek white glossy units and very snazzy wood worktop. I’m literally so excited to see it all come together, our kitchen at the moment is pretty small but it’s still bigger than our previous kitchens. We have opted to convert our garage which is next to our kitchen and make that our new kitchen, the old space will then turn into an open plan dining room which I can’t wait for. I really love the idea of a second living/dining room space, it’s going to be big enough to have a sofa, tv and dining room table plus a nice little play area for Vinny too it’s going to look divine. 
Planing a kitchen/dining room when it comes to decor has been a lot harder than I thought, I really love interior design but when it comes to doing my own home I do struggle so that’s where Pinterest comes in (Here’s my kitchen Pinterest Board), I have actually based our new kitchen on a Pin I saw a few months ago and I just fell in love, it’s super bright and airy and the layout is quite similar too which really helps when it comes to picturing the final finish. 
I’m going to share our new Kitchen journey with you from the big stuff to the small decorative pieces so keep an eye out over the next few months as it’s all going on! 
Do you look to Pinterest for Home Decor Inspiration? 

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