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Although we are making our kitchen and dining room bigger we are still quite limited in our house when it comes to storage, we do have three bedrooms but of course two of those are taken up by Mark & myself and then Vinny. Bedroom three is currently an office/YouTube/beauty room so as you can imagine it’s pretty jam packed with stuff! I have been scrolling though Pinterest for some clever storage inspiration and thought I’d share with you my latest pins, I’m really enjoying sharing with you my Pinterest posts so please let me know if you enjoy them too. 

I always love the idea of a super organised wardrobe, from little cubby holes to drawers and plenty of hanging space I’m all about being organised although if you were to look in my wardrobe right now you may think otherwise! I currently have some rails and shelving in my wardrobe but there’s definitely room for improvement, I kind of wish I got bespoke built in wardrobes but we just ended up buying a normal wardrobe in the end mainly because I thought it would be a lot of hassle making sure I had everything I wanted without taking up too much of Marks space but I guess it’s never too late to incorporate extra snazzy bits. Oh how I wish that one day my wardrobe could be Pinterest worthy.. best start working on it pronto! 
Hideaway Spaces 
How cute is this little hideaway space! I do actually have a few cupboard type spaces in my house which I could probably do something like this, for instance in the third bedroom the previous owners had a small built in cupboard which I currently have full of stuff so I could totally empty it to create a little office corner that way I could just close everything away when I’m done and actually feel like work is finished when it comes to the end of the night. Don’t you find that when your laptop is just there staring at you, you feel like you need to pick it up quickly to just ‘check those emails’ or ‘edit some photos quickly’… that never ends up like a quick job and you end up there for hours! 
Keep things organised 
A smaller project I need to work on is my makeup collection, I have so much makeup and it’s currently very un organised. I think what I’m going to do is switch everything up for Spring/Summer, it will be a great opportunity to sort through everything and put everything in a proper place. I have the Malm dresser which most beauty blogger has and I do actually have great little inserts that work well to keep things neat but as mentioned I do need to sort though that all still, some other great things to use if you need to organise drawers are empty shoe boxes or beauty subscription boxes, empty egg boxes are great for keeping jewellery organised and pretty jars look great too! If you don’t have a dresser to pop everything in and lack space then hanging a shoe rack up behind the door would work great too and keep things organised in each compartment! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, hop on over to my Pinterest board for more pins!
Let me know your favourite storage solutions, I’d love some more ideas.

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