Sony A5100 | Review

Sony A5100 | Currently £449.00 in John Lewis

With it being new year you’ve probably set yourself lots of goals and if your a blogger no doubt improving your photographs will be one of those goals, it is for me anyway. Taking photographs has become a great passion of mine over the last few years, particularly since I began blogging I invested in my baby the Canon 600D and also the Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens to accompany it, they have been a dream to work with and I use them always for blog photos but one thing I found was when I was out and about it was a little to heavy and chunky to carry in my bag so I I’ve been on the look out for the perfect handbag/travel camera and I have finally found it so I thought I’d share my thoughts and reasons for buying it as it may come in quite helpful and handy for some of you who are also looking for something a little more compact with great quality.

Why the Sony A5100? OK so I actually came across this camera when I was researching the Sony NEX6 which was what I originally wanted due to one of my favourite YouTubers mentioning it in one of her videos, her Instagram images were always so beautiful and so crisp. Whilst researching I came to realise the Sony NEX6 was very hard to get hold of due to it being discontinued, the new line consists of the Sony A5000, A5100 and the A6000. I had a little research on all three, they all seemed so similar, the A6000 was the equivalent of the NEX6 but the A5100 was just a step down but with extra features so I thought I’d opt for that as the price was a little kinder and after watching many review videos there didn’t seem to be much difference with regards to quality.

Whats included when purchasing the Sony A5100:
Camera Body
16-50 mm OSS Lens
Shoulder Strap
Body Cap
Micro USB Cable
(Memory card bought separately)

What makes this different from many compact cameras is that it has interchangeable lenses, yes that’s right you can actually change the lens on this little beauty, I bought this with the kit lens which is 16-50 mm lens which is perfect for what I need it for.

Favourite features:

Wifi One of the main reasons I bought this camera was because it has Wifi, I did have the Canon S100 which also had Wifi but the picture quality wasn’t good enough for me on that camera. This camera has amazing picture quality and the fact that it has Wifi just makes life that much easier, I can quickly upload straight to my phone edit in my apps then pop my images straight onto social media with a click of a button. This feature has been my most used and most loved, you may have noticed my Instagram images have become more crisp and that’s mainly because of this camera. I upload around 60-70% of my images though this and the rest are either taken on my Canon or iPhone although I can say I rarely upload pictures straight from my iPhone these days.

Selfie Screen Yes I said it, one of my favourite features is the 180 degree tilting touch screen. This makes taking selfies much easier and I love it, one thing I will say is although it says it’s a touch screen there isn’t that much you can do with it apart from tap to take a photo or focus so it’s quite limited. There is a dial and buttons for the menu which is fine for me, the buttons are quite small but then again the camera is compact so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Built in Flash The flash on this camera is super cool, it discreetly pops up and you can also tilt it to make sure your lighting the subject your photographing perfectly. It also has a high ISO range of upto 25600 so you can pretty much take beautiful photos in any lighting situation.

Camera Apps & Features There is an app you can download onto your phone which allows you to easily transfer each image onto your phone with ease, there are also many features and filters on the camera itself that you can use to improve and change up your images

Overall this is a really great camera which I’d highly recommend if your looking for something compact that gives you that high quality image your looking for. If your a Vlogger you can also use this to capture full HD videos, I’ve not yet used it for vlogging but one thing to keep in mind is the battery usuage, you can get around 400 images before it needs charging but to fully charge it does take around 6 hours so definitely worth investing in a ack up battery. Other than that I don’t have any negatives about this camera, it’s such a beauty and I can’t wait to capture even more images with it whilst I go though all of the features I’ve not yet found!

Have you been looking for a camera that has the comfort of a compact camera but the same features of an SLR? Maybe this is the one for you, it certainly hasn’t disappointed me.

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