3 Ways to Refresh your Bathroom

With the Kitchen almost being finished I’ve found myself wandering about our next project, that will more than likely be the garden and then I think that will have to be it for a while whilst we save up for something else. I would quite like a new bathroom, the one we have is absolutely fine but I’d love to add my own personal touch to it and modernise it even more. I thought I’d share a few tips on refreshing your bathroom if your on a budget and don’t want anything to difficult to do and make a huge difference, a recent survey by Uk Bathrooms showed that 9% of people would be put off by broken tiles when buying a new home so if you have some broken or slightly old looking tiles updating those and keeping things fresh could really help. 

Changing the flooring is something I’d like to do when we have completed everything else in the house, it’s a pretty simple job as we only have vinyl at the moment and I want to change it to white wooden floor boards which I think will really make things look fresh and clean.

Decorative Pieces
I’m on the search for some nice decorative pieces to add a touch of character to the room, I’m going to add a colour scheme to our bathroom with accents of gold to really make it feel glamorous and homely. I want to add some shelving so I can pop some candles and ornaments onto them and I also want to get some typography frames for the room too, a quote maybe as I think this would really make the room quirky and personal. 

Deep Clean
Last but not least just by giving your bathroom a deep clean can really give it a new lease of life, although the process isn’t that fun I’m sure you’ll enjoy a lovely bubble bath once it’s all finished and you can enjoy looking at your new sparkling bathroom. I’m off to do my bathroom now, wish me luck!

Do you have any tips on refreshing your bathroom? 

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