DIY // Last Minute Easy Valentines Gift

If you haven’t had time to order or buy anything for your Valentine yet then have no fear, I have been inspired by Pinterest today to show you how to make these super quick and easy Sharpie Marker Mugs, there’s no need to worry about dipping into your joint account for this one because it’s super cheap and easy to do. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before to be honest because I’m always looking for cute and unique mugs and this is a fantastic way to make the mugs your own or even for your partner and it’s also a great way to add a bit of banter or romance to your Valentines gift.

What you’ll need:
Plain white mug (or mugs if you want to create a his and hers valentines treat)
Oil based Sharpies
Your partners favourite sweets or chocolate
A pretty sweets bag or tissue paper
Step 1
Wash the mug in warm soapy water and dry.
Step 2
Use either alphabet stickers to outline the letters you’d like to add to your mug or free hand something on to the mug (don’t worry if your not  fan of your writing, it adds to the uniqueness). Some nice ideas; his name, some lyrics to ‘your song’, a cute message, something you know will make him laugh.
Step 3
This is an important step to make sure your sharpie messages last, pop the mugs into a cool oven and bake for about 30 minutes on 215 Celsius. Do not remove the mugs until they have fully cooled down, once cool they will be safe to wash by hand as and when used.
Step 4 
Time to add some yummy treats! Gather his favourite sweets and chocolates and wrap or decorate them as you wish and pop them into the mug as an extra treat!
Will you be creating a cute Sharpie mug for Valentines, these are such a great gift idea all year round! I think I shall definitely create some nice Christmas mugs this year with some silver and gold sharpies!

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