My Vanity Area

Would you believe I’ve never done a vanity tour here on Glambeautys before? Well that’s about to change because that’s exactly what I’m going to be sharing with you all today, I have to admit I’ve never really been truly happy with my vanity until now but there are still a few pieces I’d like to get so I shall have to update you when I get those.
There are a couple of big changes to my vanity which you’ll probably notice straight away, firstly I used to have a tiny mirror that I actually painted white when we moved in… that has now gone thank god and it’s been replaced with a beautiful Hollywood style mirror* from Illuminated Mirrors, this site has so many gorgeous mirrors and next on my wish list is a gorgeous mirror for our bathroom. This mirror actually arrived not that long ago but ever since I got it I have been dying to share it with you, this mirror is such great quality it’s actually pretty heavy and very sturdy. The mirror is a lot bigger than I expected to be so I am going to have a little move around with the room as soon as my kitchen is done as it currently has lots of boxes full of kitchen stuff in it at the moment but once all has finished I shall be moving my dresser to the wall and away from the window because it does block quite a lot of light as it’s so big. I am in love though and I find the lighting is gorgeous in photos too, you’ll see a lot of selfies in front of this mirror let me tell you!
I have kept my vanity area pretty simple as the two main pieces I have on it are pretty large; the mirror and the makeup storage box which I will come to in a moment. With regards to accessories and bits I don’t have too much on here apart from my new Tanya Burr book which I bought the other day, my Sony A5100 and I also have a couple of my favourite perfumes along with my owl ring dish which I use to pop my wedding rings on as and when I take them off. I have also popped an Ikea faux fur rug onto my chair because 1. my chair was another DIY project and got painted white and 2. it looks pretty!
This is the final large piece you’ll spot on my vanity and it’s the daddy of all daddies when it comes to makeup storage, this is the Glamour Living Glamourqueen box*. Glamour Living is a brand that only resources within the UK to create their gorgeous boxes and each product is individually hand crafted. Again this is another item I was hugely impressed with, it was packed so well there was no way this baby was going to get damaged in transit! The Glamourqueen has 6 tiers and 5 drawers complete with dividers and is a must for any makeup junkie out there, It’s made from the finest and highest optimal clarity heavy-duty acrylic, it’s very heavy and you can really feel the quality of this item. I have filled most of the drawers but still have one or two to fill because it’s just so big, I need to think about what I want in it. My favourite drawer has to be the lip product drawer, it’s full of colourful and fabulous lip products and i think it looks great. I also love the lash drawer, I’ve always wanted my own lash drawer!
If you want to know more about Glamour Living you can visit their website here and sign up to their newsletter here to find out about their latest launches and products, if you subscribe to the newsletter you will receive 5% off your first order!
I hope you liked my vanity area, I will have to give you a room tour when it’s complete with the new set up and a peek into the actual Malm dresser which at the moment is rather unorganised!
What do you use to organise your makeup at the moment?

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