OXO Kitchen Haul

With the kitchen almost complete I’ve been gathering quite a collection of new bits I’d like to add to our new shiny kitchen, when we were sorting through everything in the old kitchen I was quite ruthless and threw quite a lot away. I want this kitchen to have lots of new fresh items and I also want this kitchen to be a place where I can enjoy cooking and teach myself to be a better cook so today I’m going to talk you through a few items I was kindly sent from OXO and give you my thoughts on them and the reasoning behind getting them. 

I’m not the best cook but having a new shiny kitchen to work with I’m making this my year to learn how to be a little more creative in the kitchen, my husband has a nickname at work and it’s cupcake… the reason behind this cute name is because when Mark started working with the company he’d always have a cupcake in his lunchbox because his nan had baked him some. Now although he no longer has the cupcakes the name has stuck, and I’d like to bring the cupcakes back… I’ve never made cupcakes from scratch and although to some this may be super easy I always get in a bit of a tizzy when it comes to measuring out the ingredients. 
I’ve never had any measuring utensils which is why I chose the 7 piece measuring cup set and the 7 piece measuring spoon set. These two sets are going to help me get my measure on and get my bake on, I really love how they have a snapping feature so you can keep them all organised and together, each spoon and cup also has the measurements written clearly on the side which is just perfect! 

This Compact food scale is something I actually wanted to get for when I’m on a diet which is pretty much all the time, whenever I go on a diet such as Slimming world or Weight Watchers I’ve always been pretty successful but I have to say results can be pretty slow and I think the main reason for that is because I wasn’t really measuring my foods out properly. Now my kitchen is almost done I want to get back to eating healthy, I have been eating horrendously the last month or so and I’m so excited to actually eat well again. The bowl snaps onto the base with is perfect for storage and it’s also great for travel because it’s pretty small too, I can’t wait to use this! 
As you can imagine with all the building work going on the house has been pretty dusty lately, I have found myself sweeping up dust and dirt pretty much everyday more than once and this compact dustpan set has been a god send. My old dustpan and brush was broken so I was so happy to receive this, the mini design is great if your limited for space in your house I’m going to pop this into one of our new drawers because its compact enough to do so which is great.  
Last but not least the biggest item of all is the Foldaway Dish Rack, I really love the chic design of this rack. The one we used to have was metal and basically got water everywhere but this clever design has a pour spout for excess water to be drained, it also has cup racks and divided utensil holders which are also removable for easy unloading. I simply can’t wait to pop this on our new white ceramic kitchen sink, it’s going to look gorgeous!
Have you been buying for your kitchen lately, I’d love to know where your favourite place to shop is? 

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