Personal Style | L & V Uggs

Hello my lovelies, I hope your having a lovely weekend I can’t believe it’s almost over already. We have had a busy weekend with builders in the kitchen doing final touches to the kitchen like popping the worktops on and putting the sink in, my gosh I can’t wait to have a working sink again! As we had the builders in pretty much all day we made sure we were out of the house as it’s just so noisy for little Vin and there isn’t much to do so we went to my mums Fish and Chip shop to visit them and we also had a run about Westward Ho! Which is a really pretty village my mums chippy is in, Vinny loves it there because it’s right by the sea and there are lots of arcades about. 
We all went for a pretty casual look as we knew it would be a pretty full on day but I made sure Vin was wrapped up as it was such a cold day, Vinny and I were wearing our Ugg boots because we want to get as much out of them this winter as we can I think they will still look great in the Spring and we will both still wear them for casual trips out. I really love how Vinny and I have matching boots, when you have a son you never really get to have matching outfits like mothers and daughters but I think our Ugg boots look perfect together! I got the Bailey boots for myself because I love the fold down sheepskin lining, they are super soft and snuggly to wear. I got both mine and Vinnys boots in the Chesnut colour because I think this colour looks gorgeous on boys and girls, Vinny absolutely loves wearing his Uggs I have to say when he first got them he did trip over a bit in the house but I’m guessing that’s because they are quite chunky compared to his usual shoe, that being said he is totally used to them now and runs around like a crazy kid. 
As mentioned I kept things pretty simple with our outfits, I wore my usual all black but then brightened things up with my Royal Blue Patent iCandy Emilia* bag I shall have a whole blog post coming on this baby soon she deserves a whole post because she is just stunning! I actually wore a watch for a change, I rarely get to wear my watches these days because I usually forget to put it on but today I remembered yay! My scarf is from Tesco, jacket is New Look and jeans are my well loved River Island jeans. Vinny has gone pretty casual too wearing navy combats from M&S, a Gillet and his animal Hoody which you can also see here. That’s about it from us, today we shall mostly be doing more house bits and I need to wash my hair! Have a great Sunday people. 
Have you bought your little one Ugg boots, cute right?

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