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This post has been a long time coming but I’m so glad it’s finally here and with a few new additions also, when we moved into this house Vinny was actually in the smallest room but when he got to around 8 or 9 months old we decided he needed some more space for his forever growing toy collection so moved him into the second bedroom, lucky little boy! I have to admit it’s not 100% complete but it’s almost there so I wanted to share with you how it looks so far and may do an updated room tour at the end of the year when I imagine it will be complete. I’ve tried to keep his room pretty simple mainly because toys can take over quite a lot so if we had a colourful room too it would just look a little too chaotic and I like to have that power of being able to keep it as simple as I can for as long as I can because I know in a year or twos time it’s just going to get even crazier.

If you follow me in Twitter then you may know that Vinny actually transitioned to his big boy bed a couple of weeks ago, this was something that filled me with dread a bit like with most things like ‘getting rid of the dummy’, ‘getting him to try new foods’ but hey it’s not actually gone that bad, in fact it’s been amazing! I was a little worried he wouldn’t like his new bed just because he is so used to being in his cot, he rolls about a lot in his sleep which also worried me so I certainly popped lots of pillows and padding under his bed for a little while when we made the move but to be honest I have only found him on the floor once since the transition which is amazing. The bed Vinny has is the East Coast Country Toddler bed in White  and I love it, I wanted to get Vinny a white bed because I think it looks really nice in the room and I really love the design of this bed it’s really great that it has the additional side rails and to be honest I think they have worked really well keeping him in the bed as he tends to stay at the top end of the bed most nights but again does roll about a little. The bed itself was very quick and easy to put together, it took about 10 minutes and we bought a 70cm x 140cm mattress which is whats recommended for this bed and it fits perfectly on the strong slatted base. I’d highly recommend the East Coast Toddler Bed from Wayfair, we really love this bed and Vinny does too! 
If changing beds wasn’t a big enough milestone we also changed from sleeping bag to duvet! Vinny has been sleeping with his pillow for a while now but we’ve always had him in a Gro bag for as long as I can rememeber, mainly because he hates covers on him and also because I don’t like him to get cold if he kicks the covers off so as you can imagine I was a little nervous about this transition. This has again been easier than I imagined and he has been fine although he did end up on top of the covers most nights which meant I just had to pop in a few times to tuck him back in.

The first few days we used a normal pillow and duvet but then changed it to the Gro to bed Bedding, this bedding is genius and perfect. First of all I adore the design it’s super cute and the stripes match Vinnys wall, I also love the cute little cars.. what little boy doesn’t have car bedding? OK so I imagine your still thinking so what’s so amazing about this bedding right? Well basically it has unique zipping down each side to stop the covers from falling off and it also acts as a kind of safety net I guess and stops little one from falling out the bed. This is all you need to buy when buying your bedding so the £49.99 price tag may seem quite high but you don’t need to worry about buying sheets and pillow cases because this is all in one, a sheet, a duvet cover and a pillow case. The pillow case is attached so you just have to pop the pillow in aswel as the duvet cover, pretty clever hey! It’s been a really great item to have whilst getting the transition from cot to bed just right, perfect for those worried about baby falling out of bed and for those worried about them kicking the covers off!

OK so enough about the bed.. let’s move on to the little details. Here is Vinnys window area, apologies for the dark photos, as you can see the weather isn’t great today in fact it’s so wintery today so it’s nice we are snuggled up inside. I have kept things pretty simple in this area but a couple of details I adore are is this gorgeous Train Set which Vinny actually received for his 1st birthday from a friend of ours, if your looking for something similar I believe you can purchase something like this off of, the other item I love is the hand made Hanging Star as it was also a gift for Vinny when he was born it’s so cute.

Vinnys shelving area is one of favourite parts of his room, he has a Malm dresser to put some of his clothes in and above that two white floating shelves which I like to change quite a lot. I’m always adding different pictures and ornaments, this is our current set up. On the top shelf we have Vinnys Personalised Ukulele from My 1st Years, and on the second shelf is where the ‘Vinny’ light up canvas sits along with our Tommee Tippee video monitor and Star bunting which was again a gift when he was newborn. We’ve had the video monitor ever since Vinny was around 12 months old, we switched over from the Angel Care monitor and haven’t looked back since. It’s so nice to be able to see Vinny on the monitor and hear him too, the monitor shows up the picture in colour during the day then switches to infrared in the evening. I could not recommend this monitor enough, it does come with a sensor pad which you can use under the mattress too which detects babies movement but we no longer use that because Vinny is old enough now and he is a wriggler.

 Last but not least I have a few sentimental pieces on the Malm, a gorgeous picture frame with some images of Mark and Vinny, a teddy sweet money jar and the latest edition is this My Doodles Kids Dock. Vinny has become rather obsessed with any tablet or phone we have around the house lately, I try keep playtime to a minimum on them but his new favourite way to watch movies and listen to music is on this Monkey Kids Dock. It’s such a cool gadget, The Kids Dock provides a safe place to keep our tablet, in this case the Hudl 2, it charges it and its kept away from harm as well as delivering high-quality audio through its speaker, the Kids Dock aims to change the way children use their tablets for the better and I really think it’s helped Vinny not only with patience but with the way he looks after things such as his new monkey!

Final areas are the toy and reading areas, I try to keep this quite minimal as Vinny has so many toys scattered around the house. I prefer this rather than to have them all in one room because it keeps him entertained and there is always something new for him to play with, I also like to switch the toys up taking different toys downstairs into our living room and bringing old toys up to his room ect. I find this way he makes the most of everything he’s got and he really enjoys it too.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I could have gone on and had so many pictures to share but this is pretty long now so think I’ll leave it at that and do a future update post as and when things change. Do let me know what’s your favourite part of Vinnys room!

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