When you’re a blogger you…

Always get excited then sad when new makeup arrives because you know you can’t use it until you’ve taken photos of them.. Quick get the camera out! 
Can never find the perfect location to take product photos so end up buying tiles and new white tables to help create that perfect bright background… just me? Nah! 
Always look for things around the house that need improving so you can take pretty blog photos, I haven’t just redesigned my kitchen into a beautiful white space for nothin’, oh and that bathroom floor? It’s going to be transformed to gorgeous white floorboards (blog photos will be amaze)

Take outfit photos in front of random pretty houses and locations because we can’t all take our photos down gorgeous London streets 
Constantly read other blogs and think yours could never be that good
Get bloggers block.. a lot! 
Instagram pretty much everything, what I’m eating, what I’m drinking, what I’m wearing.. next doors cat and pretty flowers! 
Have to dangle a dressing gown robe to get yourself focused on your camera and ready to film
Have the brightest lights to create amazing images.. god knows what my neighbours must think! 
Always say ‘I have nothing to blog about’ even though you have a whole drawer full of unused makeup and treats
Can never find anything to wear
Apply makeup just to take blog photos then remove it all 10 minutes later
Film YouTube videos with pretty top on and PJ bottoms.. hey no one can see right? 
Take about a gazillion selfies before you upload the perfect one.. even then your not happy
Tweet your blog link way too many times a day, thank you Hootesuite! 
Have way to many emails… 
Addicted to social media
Have a pile of notebooks yet still use the notes section on your phone.. my intentions are always so good but I can never stay organised!
Jot down every blog idea on your phone even if it is 3am in the morning

Are the only person that can really relate to another blogger, non bloggers always just think you get stuff for free and write about it… theres a bit more to it than that and a lot of work goes into a post such as; testing the product, getting images, research, writing the post, publishing the post, advertising and sharing the post… 

Dread the tidy up after filming a video.. chaos!

Search and save for more blogging equipment.. do I really need another lens or light? Currently lusting after the Canon 70d.. I need it right?

Watch so many YouTube videos and end up talking to your family about them like they are actually your friends

Adore Pinterest and want everything in your house to be Pinterest worthy

Need to create every project you see on Pinterest

Stalk other bloggers on every social media channel going.. If I follow you on Twitter I probably follow you on every platform!

Always feel the need to indulge in the Boots 3 for 2 offer more than once so you can do a haul post

Search high and low for products you can’t get in the UK and get another blogger abroad to agree to a beauty box swap with you just so you can get your hands on them

Love collaborating with other bloggers

On first name terms with your postman

Use the #bbloggers hashtag at any time of the day when your having a makeup dilemma or have a beauty questions, theres always someone to answer and help out

Always long to go to London blogger events because you want to meet more bloggers and there are never any local events

Read about something completely random on someones blog and go out and buy it the next day even if you don’t need it, it seriously looks awesome 

Buys fairy lights for the background of photos and videos

Currently eying up marble sticky back plastic so I can marbleize everything… that seems to be the new thing and I’m up for joining that club

The list really could go on.. can you relate to any of these as a blogger? What’s the number one thing that sticks in your mind as a blogger? 

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