Liza Loves #2

It’s that time of the week again where I break down my favourite products of the week, I haven’t got a huge amount to share with you but the bits I do have are little gems. I have been mixing up my everyday makeup routine this week and I’ve been trying to use eyeshadows a bit more, I usually just stick to a bit of liquid liner and some mascara but I fancied a change and found the perfect everyday combination. 

Here are a few makeup items from my new everyday makeup routine, I’ve been using this Bourjois powder ever since I received it a few weeks back and I have been loving it. This is new to the Bourjois range and I’ve been using it instead of my Bourjois Healthy Mix powder which you all know I adore. The Silk Edition Compact feels very lightweight on the skin, it sets my foundation well giving a slight matte finish and the compact itself has a rather handy 360 degree mirror making touch ups on the go super easy and it also makes my skin feel like skin, it’s not heavy at all and adds a little cover too. 
As mentioned I’ve been mixing up my eye look a little this week, I’ve been wearing shadows but just a few subtle ones and my favourites have been from the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette I absolutely adore the original Chocolate Bar Palette but I have to say the highlighting shades in this Sweet Chocolate palette have to be my favourite as they are a little more neutral and have a gorgeous champagne tone to them. I have been using the shade butter pecan on the inner lid and tear duct area and it brightens up the eyes beautifully, to finish the look I’ve been adding the shade Caramel and as you can see they are pretty similar tones and work beautifully together. I really love how this palette has the shade names etched onto the palette, my other one just came with a clear plastic sheet that goes over the top which can be a little annoying. 
The liner I’ve been using this week is actually a shop my stash find, I had ran out of my usual pen type liners and whilst rummaging through my collection I came across The Curve, a uniquely designed curved liner. I have to say the shape of this liner really does help with an easier application, it takes a couple of goes to get used to but once you’ve mastered it you get the most beautiful application. I really love how this looks and how easy it is to use, it’s also super black and lasts all day! 
Last but not least my top lipstick pick this week is the Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Bumbleberry, this lipstick shade is my perfect Spring shade it’s a hint of berry and a touch of pink I’m seriously obsessed. It’s definitely one that needs quite a few applications throughout the day as it’s not the most long lasting but I just love the shade so much I don’t mind that, it also wears off nicely so doesn’t look too bad if you were to leave it. I really love the formula of these lipsticks they are very hydrating and the white lotus flower ingredient helps to treat the lips and enhance them at the same time.

The next favourite is a rather odd looking one isn’t it, this is a toothbrush called the Foreo Issa , I have to admit when I received this I was quite intrigued. I did have a little read up about it before it landed on my doorstep and everything sounded pretty promising, the Foreo Issa is made from silicon and the non-abrasive bristles are designed for full coverage of your mouth. The brush defiantly is bigger than anything I had used before, it’s much bigger than your average electric toothbrush and even bigger than a manual toothbrush but after a few uses you get used to that and start to feel the benefits of the toothbrush. I really love that the head only needs to be changed once a year and the  nonporous silicon design makes it the most hygienic toothbrush design out there and prevents bacteria build up. 
The lasting power is pretty impressive so far and I’ve read it can last up to 365 uses before you need to charge, charging may seem to be a little inconvenient for some as you need to charge it via USB but for me that’s not an issue at all. Vinny has spotted me brushing my teeth with this and has insisted almost every time I brush his teeth with it afterwards so I need to get him the childrens version as I think it’s an absolutely fantastic design for kids too, the bright colours are very appealing and it’s all very safe too even for my little Vin. So far so good guys, shall have to keep you updated with how I get on with this further. 
My final favourite won’t be a surprise to you, I’ve mentioned Cocoa Brown Tan in many of my favourites now so your probably wondering why I’m mentioning this again. This is my most recent bottle and when I started to use it I noticed something different, something I had actually been hoping for some time now and that is a new nozzle/dispenser! This new nozzle allows the product to come out much easier, I noticed with my older bottles of this tan when I’d push down on the nozzle after a while it would stop the product from coming out even though there was still plenty left inside and no matter how hard I pressed on it the tan still wouldn’t come out, I’m glad to say this has now been rectified and my new bottle of tan has been getting lots of love this week! 
Here are some swatches for you of the products mentioned today (L to R) Bourjois Silk Edition Compact 52, Too Faced Bumbleberry Lipstick, NYX The Curve Liner, Too Faced Semis Sweet- Butter Pecan. 
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What have you been loving this week, anything you have you eye on after reading this post? 

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