Liza Loves #3

Hi my loves sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since my Liza Loves post, I haven’t had too many things I have been absolutely in love with until now so let me tell you about a few of the things that have been floating my boat the last couple of weeks. I’m actually quite surprised I don’t have any makeup items in this post, I do have a few makeup loves but I’m saving them for individual posts so I can tell you in depth why I love them.
OK so the last few weeks I have really been trying to up my skincare regime, I can’t really say I have a skin care schedule I really stick to although I have been reaching for these products most days therefore I think they deserve a little mention because I have really been enjoying them. First up makeup removal, now I have to admit I’m a bit of a face wipe addict and use them most days but for those days I really want to take care and refresh my skin I have been using the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser, I actually received this a few months back now and hadn’t really reached for it until now and my gosh I love it. This is a deep cleansing cream that helps to dissolve makeup and grime gently and to richly moisturise dehydrated skin. I have to say it really makes my skin feel wonderful after use, it feels super clean and the scent is really lovely too.
I have found my eyes pretty sensitive lately when it comes to makeup removal and that’s probably because I use wipes and they don’t really work that well getting eye makeup off so I grabbed my Benefit They’re Real Remover the other day and I’ve been hooked, I just pop some onto a cotton pad and gently rub it onto my eyes and the eye makeup has dissolved pretty much straight away. It’s really made my makeup removal chore my easier and quicker although I will say once I rinse with water I do find I get cloudy eyes for a moment or two which is a little annoying but forgetting that the remover is fantastic. Once all makeup is removed and my face is clean I always pop a moisturiser on and let me tell you I have found the moisturiser of dreams, perfect for those with super dry or dehydrated skin it’s the Clarins HydraQuench moisturiser. This cream is an absolute joy to use and I look forward to putting it on my skin, firstly it smells amazing and my husband always compliments me when I use this in the mornings and night. It’s super lightweight on the skin making makeup application nice and easy, it absorbs super fast and keeps my skin subtle for hours I’m so sad that this is only a 30ml bottle and I’m now dying to try the rest of the HydraQuench range now so when I finish this I may have to take the plunge! 
The last skincare item I have been loving this week is theElemis British Botanical Shower Cream, I have really been enjoying a relaxing bath lately and I love having that little bit of me time to enjoy and indulge in my favourite beauty products. The British Botanical Shower cream is a skin softening cream that makes me feel like I’m in a bath in the middle of the countryside, sounds odd but the fragrance is so soothing, the lavender and chamomile scent is just so relaxing. I have also found my skin feeling extra soft after use because of the Omega-rich Echium oil and so cleansed which is down to the mineral rich organic oats and rosemary that gently cleanses the skin, I’d highly recommend if your after a true pamper and pure relaxation. 
On to hair I have been trying to embrace my natural waves this week, I have found that since my hair has become healthier it does tend to get greasier quicker therefore I have to wash it more often and I’m quite lazy when it comes to styling so I have been trying out these John Frieda products to help with my natural wave and wow what a difference it’s made. The John Frieda Air-Dry Waves is a lightweight mouse that you pop onto damp hair and simply leave to air dry, it’s no sticky and the word mousse isn’t really how I’d describe it as it’s much lighter than a mousse and quite a fluffy texture like a foam if that makes any sense. I have used this a few times now and each time once my hair has naturally air dried I haven’t had to go in with any other products which is really fab because usually I would add some oils or something to tame the frizz and I haven’t had to do that at all. I think the combination if the Air-Dry Waves and the Anti Frizz Primer has aided this, the John Frieda Anti-Frizz primer is a cream that you pop on before anything to damp hair and it really does help to tame the frizz and add some extra shine. I’ve used this when I’ve had my hair curly and when I’ve blowdried it, both times it’s worked really well and my hair genuinely feels a lot smoother! 
Well that’s was quite the ramble but I hope you’ve found some new products you’d like to try, I’d love to know what you’ve been loving this week so please leave a comment and let me know because it’s always great to find new products to try! 
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