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When it comes to gadgets my iPhone is probably my top pick over everything I use it all the time and check it way too many times a day. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to gadgets I’m always intrigued by new things, my latest find is the iKettle and yes you guessed it you can control your kettle via your mobile what a great idea I have to say I need to get one of these because my husband is not a fan of making me teas so anything to make the process quicker for him hehe! There are so many gadgets you can buy these days that all connect to your phone, here’s a list of the best home gadgets of 2015 by LV=. 

Today I thought I’d share with you my top 5 photography apps. For some bloggers phones are the only way to get photos for posts so I’d love to help those looking for some new apps to edit on and to inspire those looking for something new to use also. I always really love ‘What’s on my iPhone’ posts so here’s a little insight to whats on mine and my most used apps. 
I use FrameMagic for every Instagram upload, if you have a look at my Insta profile you will see that all of my images have a white border around them. This is the app I use for that and I also use it to create video collages and slideshows too. 
Retrica is an app I came across watching a ‘What’s on my iPhone’ video and I have to say I love it, it’s the ultimate filter app ranging from a gazillion different black and white filters to 70’s inspired etc! There really is a filter for everyone, perfect for those who love Instagram! 
I always get questions asking me how I’ve added lens type lights to my images and this is the app I use, LensLight has a huge range of light filters you can add to your images including the Bokeh effect, radiance, light and glows! It’s a great app for making your pictures pretty. 
This is a pretty self explanatory app, it’s basically an app you can use to create a mirror image I love using this on outfit images and makeup posts. 
Last but not least I had to include a font app, I use FontCandy to add writing to my images. I really love how you can choose from a huge list of fonts, change the colours and also the size and width of the writing. It’s a great font app! 
So that was the low down of my favourite iPhone apps, I’d love to know what your favourite photography apps are and if you shall be buying any gadgets that will work with your phone? I think I need a clever cooker and iPhone app that cooks my food for me, now that would be amazing!  

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