Vinny 2nd Birthday // Snaps

It was Vinnys Birthday on Saturday and I just wanted to share with you a few pictures from our day, I seriously can’t believe how quick these last two years have gone it’s absolutely insane but wow what an amazing couple of years it has been.

Vinny has grown up into such an amazing character, he is full of life, energy and really does live life to the fullest. For his birthday we wanted to do something as a family and with the sun shining we decided to take him to a kids theme park called Crealy. The park was only about an hours drive from home so that was really nice and when we arrived the sun was shining bright, we were so lucky because I remember the year before it was raining and the weather was awful so it was great that we had some luck with the weather this year as Crealy has a lot of activities outside. 
How cute is this sign on arrival, ‘Happy Birthday Vinny!’
We had an amazing and full on day with little Vin and when we got back home the fun didn’t end, we had a few relatives come over for more gifts and cake! I did mention on Twitter that I wanted to bake Vinny a birthday cake but then realised I was being a little ambitious having never made a cake so I actually took to Facebook and found a lovely lady that bakes from home and despite being super last minute she baked him a lovely cake, I asked for a clock cake as you all know Vinny is obsessed with clocks, he loves to watch hickory hickory dock on the iPad and spots a clock a mile off so I thought it would be the perfect cake idea. Safe to say he loved it and insisted we relight the candles about 5 times for him to blow them out… or have mummy and daddy help blow them out!

Me being me, I was a little under prepared for Vinnys Birthday but I have to say it turned out amazing, he is still at the age where he doesn’t fully understand but he definitely gets the presents part now and next year I imagine he will totally get it’s his birthday. We had a great time for his 2nd birthday and he enjoyed every part of the day so I think we accomplished what we set out to do, I can’t wait to go back to Crealy this Summer it’s such a fantastic place for kids, and even us big kids too!

What did you plan for your childs birthday when they turned 2?

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