When you’re a mummy blogger you…

Great response to my ‘When you’re a blogger’ post the other day, here’s one for the mummy bloggers out there.

Get super excited when it’s nap time because you know you have an hour spare to do the housework… I mean catch up on e-mails and blog posts! 
Find every opportunity a photo opportunity.. child crying.. having hair cut… having a great day! It’s a great way to document memories, I love that
Have a baby that’s more stylish than you.. Vinnys latest delivery, a pair of Ugg boots!
Baby is in bed, lets blog! 
Film days out just because you know it would make a great vlog
Think about what situations you can talk about to help other mummies 
Have lots of great mummy blogger friends you can chat to and relate to
Use the #mummybloggers hashtag in the middle of the night because you always know there’s going to be someone else up and ready to chat to during the night feed
Can multi-task like a pro.. feed baby.. feed yourself.. check emails… tidy the house.. blog.. take photos.. take baby out… make the hubby some food.. blog..blog…blog!

Feel like you want to bake a cake because you can then blog about it… I’m not one to cook but this blogging malarkey has made me want to turn into Nigella

Your child is constantly showered with new toys and gifts, Vinny is a very lucky boy!

Your Child gets excited when the post man arrives

You both have matching loungewear

Get rather addicted to new pushchairs and prams… is this only when your a mummy blogger? I think that’s just a woman thing actually!

Get a quiet moment to blog and think your little one is being very good.. then look up and the whole room is trashed.. my current situation 

Can you relate, whats your biggest ‘when you’re a mummy blogger’ moment?

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