3 Toddler Room Essentials

I loved decorating Vinnys bedroom and it’s one of his favourite rooms in the house because 1. he has many toys in there and 2. he loves sleep! I’ve come up with a couple of our favourite reasons why we love his room so much and thought it would be nice to share for those that are re decorating or needing some inspiration, check out Vinnys Room Tour here and enjoy our three essential room ideas. 

I think it’s a great idea to stick to a theme in your toddlers room, we have gone for quite a fresh and clean look in Vinnys room but we do have a few colours incorporated in clever ways such as the striped wallpaper and room accessories. You can get great wall stickers these days which are super fun and you can also customise them, and another great idea is to get your little one to paint on 3 canvas and place them in the room to really make it his own. 

Reading Area
Having a place you and your toddler can sit and read is a really great way to encourage your toddler to read and learn, Vinny loves his reading area and I’ve made it super comfy with beanbags and pillows so he can sit and read comfortably and enjoy the area. 
One for the mummas, toy storage is essential in any toddlers room although it may not always stay tidy it’s great to have somewhere to put all of those toys be it in a spare wardrobe or specific toy boxes, I really love this Grace White Storage Box from Room to Grow as you all know I’m obsessed with white furniture and this is gorgeous. If you struggle with space then try an under bed storage solution, you’ll be amazed at how much you can fit under the bed! 
What’s your favourite thing about your childs room and how could you improve it? 
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