Handy iPhone Blogger Apps


If your a blogger then you may get asked to sign contracts or specific documents and not all of us have the time to print and post so this is the perfect app to sign documents on the go and send back straight away it’s a super cool app where you can add your signature and then add it to specific documents or emails with ease and little time.

A pretty obvious app here but if you use Blogger then it’s a great app to use, I mainly use this just incase I need to go back into an existing post to change something and it’s quick to use and perfect if you like to blog on the go. Great if a blog idea pops into your head, you can quickly jot down your ideas and write them down or even just pop them in a draft to remind you for later.
Every blogger likes to keep notes right? Evernote is the perfect app for that simply note on the go and then you can use your desktop app to easily view and manage your notes so they can always be found and updated! You will never have to put a pen to paper again… ok if your a complete note freak like I am then you might but hey it’s a pretty nifty app. You can set reminders, make lists, chat and add photos and copy documents how cool?
One for those who like to get their blog out there but don’t quite have the time to sit on your phone or at a computer to tweet all day. You can use Buffer or HooteSuite to send planned tweets and you can link to your blog throughout the day without having to actually sit there and Tweet these apps do it for you and if you want to get your blog out there then it’s super important to keep active.

This is a recent discovery of mine and something for the Instagram lovers out there, WordSwag allows you to create your own typography and share it with the world. It’s a really cool app with great fonts and styles I’m quite obsessed with it!

What are your must have blogger apps?

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