Home Love #1 Dyson DC44 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

I mentioned I wanted to feature more home loves on Glambeautys and that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about today, I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to this item as I have a lot to talk about and as you’ve probably gathered by the title, we are talking about the Dyson DC44 Cordless Vacuum cleaner today. Hoovering is probably my least favourite job to do in the house, the main reason for this was that my old hoover was heavy, bulky and a pain to use so it really put me off getting my clean on and I probably hoovered once a week at the most. I was in need of something lightweight, easy to use and compact due to lack of storage and let me tell you this cordless Dyson has it all and more!
My mum has always been a Dyson fan and I’ve always lusted after one, ah the joys of being a housewife just the smallest things make us happy! That being said I had a pretty old school hoover that I was uber unhappy with and it did make me lazy. As soon as the Dyson arrived I quickly got it out the packaging and assembled, it took minutes to do and I was ready to go straight away!
What’s in the box 
1 x DC44 Animal vacuum cleaner with a red cleaning wand, a crevice tool, a combination tool and a mini motorised tool
1 x docking station
Added value
1 x soft dusting brush
1 x stubborn dirt brush
1 x wide nozzle tool
1 x extendable hose
1 x up-top tool
1 x portable charger
As you can see there’s quite a lot included in this set, the most exciting part for me was the Vacuum itself obviously, I have used a few of the extras such as the soft dusting brush and the wide nozzle tool and they all work great. I really love the portable charger, it’s perfect for those who travel a lot and for those caravan/UK holidays… I know I shall be having a lot of those in the next few years!
With this being such a compact and small vacuum I can hoover my whole house with ease everyday, it’s so nice to be able to just get the hoover out if Vinny has been eating on the floor and to quickly hoover all the crumbs away.. a simple pleasure I know but my gosh so handy! There is a running time of around 20 minutes, I use this daily and can do the whole house within 10 minutes so that’s no problem and it takes about 4 or 5 days before I need to charge it again. I can now hoover the tiled area in the kitchen too with such ease and the hoover stays powerful until the very end when it will just cut off once needing to be charged.
My only negative about this hoover is that you need to hold down the on button constantly for it to work, I wish there was an on/off button but apart from that it’s pretty amazing! If your looking for a new hoover and your considering a cordless I’d highly recommend, I can now hoover the stairs with ease and my whole house gets hoovered everyday now… I actually really enjoy it!!
Have you got a cordless hoover, what do you think?

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