Planning a Last Minute Family Break

Trying to plan a family holiday can be hard work, even when you have months to organise all of the details. So planning a last minute break can be nothing short of stressful. But the spring is finally here – hurray! – and, as those of you with school age kids will know, Easter break has arrived, too. There’s nothing worse than constantly hearing the dreaded ‘Muuuum, we’re bored!’ So here is how to plan a last minute family break that will result in very happy children.
Choose a Suitable Location
Your idea of a fun holiday is no doubt very different from your children’s, so you need to pick a location that appeals to all. Choose somewhere that will keep your kids amused but that also has something interesting for the grownups, like these holiday suggestions from As long as you do your research you’ll be able to find a location which has enough activities to keep the kids entertained, but can also provide the downtime you and your significant other need.
Plan Your Journey
Obviously, you’ll have to sort out how you get to your destination, whether you’ll be driving, flying or using public transport. But there’s more to planning your journey than method of transport. If you have a long journey ahead of you, plan clever ways to entertain your kids. This may include portable DVD players, books, a favourite toy and games of I Spy. It’s also a good idea to keep a small separate bag with extra clothing for little ones, as well as drinks and snacks.
Keep Active
Kids of all ages love exploring, from putting things in their mouths to questioning everything around them. Busy kids are generally happy kids, so make sure you plan activities to keep your kids moving and discovering, whether you choose a day playing at the beach or a hands on museum or attraction. Plus, with long fun-filled days to tire them out they’ll go to bed without a fuss, leaving you and your partner to enjoy some quality time together. 
Be Prepared
This may sound a little negative, but being prepared for the worst will make your break easier. Take extra items in case of airport delays, have all of your documents in one place to avoid panic about lost passports, check routes on your sat nav in advance, and identify the nearest medical facility to your accommodation in case of emergency. It all sounds stressful and chaotic, but careful planning before you leave means you’ll be ready for anything.
Are you planning a holiday this year? I hope these tips helped! 
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