Tanning Tips // Prep, Apply & Maintain

The sun has been shining and I’m in the mood to tan! Thought I’d do a little tanning tips post because I know we all struggle at some point either getting the tan perfect or getting it off so todays post is going to help you prepare for your tan, apply and maintain it so I hope this helps you.

The night beforeĀ 
– Always prepare your body by exfoliating at least the night before you want to fake tan, I like to use an exfoliating shower gel during the week to start exfoliating softly then the night before I will use a body scrub, I like to use Soap and glory Flake away its got a great texture and helps get any excess tan off and Cocoa Brown tan also have a great product called Tough Stuff which is something I’ve been using more recently.
– Shave the night before, if you shave just before you tan your pores will still be open so you may get dark dots if u decide to tan on the same day.
– Moisturise, you need to have gorgeous moisturised skin for the best possible tan but DO NOT moisturise on the day of because it will act as a barrier and you’ll end up with a patchy uneven tan. If you suffer from dry skin or have some dry spots then just moisturise on those areas before you tan to stop it grabbing to them. Also you can moisturise your elbows, knees, eyebrows and ankles on the day too, this will stop tan gathering on those tougher areas. Some people get scared tanning their hands you can lightly moisturise those too if you wish.

Tanning application

– Use a mitt or gloves to apply the tan, I prefer to use a mitt, I find the application to be more flawless and its easier to blend into the skin. Gloves can give a streaky effect if you don’t rub the tan in well enough.
– Work on one area at a time, I like to start with my legs, I start at the bottom of my leg then I’ll work my way up.
– When tanning the face I’d always either apply a moisturiser before tanning with a self tanner or just use a face tanner instead, this is much more subtle and your less likely to get a patchy finish or make any mistakes.

This is where a lot of us go wrong.

– Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! If you don’t you may get a crocodile effect on the skin and you tan will come off unevenly. Its really important to keep your skin soft to prolong your tan and for it to come off nicely.
– Do not shave the day after a tan, so many girls forget to shave their legs before a tan then end up shaving ‘lightly’ the next day, you’ll probably end up with lines all over your legs, not a great look if your off out and wearing a short dress.
– If you want your tan to last a long time then use a moisturiser with a gradual tan in it, I absolutely love Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Duo they smell amazing and always leaves my skin looking bronzed and moisturised. If your after a more budget friendly brand then the Garnier Summerbody moisturising lotion, I always go for the Deep Sun-kissed version and it works wonders!
Tan removal
I always struggle removing my tan so here are some things I do which help the most!
– On around day 4 start to use an exfoliating shower gel.
– Soak in a bath with baby oil. (Be careful when you get out, it will be slippery! And make sure you wash the bath properly after, you don’t want anyone slipping up as they step in the shower!)
– Use a dry microfiber cleaning cloth, sounds crazy but it works! Use it when its dry on your damp skin and it will help remove your tan.
– Use a good exfoliator.
– If you have unwanted tan on your hands toothpaste always helps.

What tan should I use?
There are so many self tanners to choose from so I’ve narrowed down some of my favourites for a few different skin types and finishes , I hope they help!
– Fake tan virgin: I’d highly recommend using either a gradual tanner or something like the Clarins Radiance-Plus glow booster, this is great because you can build this up as much as you like. You basically pop a few drops into your everyday moisturiser and they work together to give you a healthy summer glow. I’ve used the face version of this and it’s great, review here.
– Love a mousse? I am loving Bondi Sands at the moment and it’s now available in Superdrug which is amazing. Perfect for both light and medium/dark skin tones because they have a light and dark mousse to choose from.
– If you class yourself as a bit of a tanning queen, and want to achieve the ultimate DARK tan then you have to try Xen-tan moroccan tan. This is amazing! You do get an instant dark tan but don’t worry the guide does wash off and leaves you with a gorgeous deep colour. This is more for a tanning expert, you have to work pretty quick because it does dry super fast so id recommend tanning smaller areas at one point.
– In a rush? Try a one hour tan, I love Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan and if I want an uber dark tan I go for the Fake Bake 60 Minute tan liquid.
– Worried about tanning the face? I’d highly recommend Xen-Tan face tanner, it’s super moisturising and doesn’t go patchy! If you’re on the look out for even more self tanners check out the Justmylook site for more great deals and offers!

What are your top tanning tips, and favourite tans?

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