Tips on Cutting a Toddlers Hair at Home // Boys

I’ve been waiting to write this post for quite a while because I have to admit its been a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to cutting little Vinnys hair. Some of you may know I did qualify as a hairdresser after I finished school but then moved onto something else as I realised hairdressing just wasn’t for me, that being said I kept my clippers and scissors and have been dragged into cutting Marks hair ever since we got together! It’s quite ironic really because one of the reasons I left hairdressing was because I hated cutting mens hair and now I have two mens cuts to do every few weeks!

Now as I mentioned it’s been a bit of a roller coaster with Vinnys hair journey, I started cutting it from when he was very young and to be honest that was when he didn’t really understand what I was doing or took notice but as the months went on it got increasingly harder and became almost impossible to the point where I dreaded cutting his hair. I have put together a few tips that have helped us along the way and a few that have got us to where we are today, Vinny now enjoys having his hair cut and I’m so glad!
In order to cut little ones hair to need to make sure you have the right tools, I luckily had all of these from my hairdressing days but tools to consider buying if you want to do his hair at home are; scissors, comb, clippers, and a water spray. I use all of these on Vinnys hair and find the clippers are much easier and quicker to use around his ears, I always worried cutting around his hair with scissors incase he made any sudden moves but so far everything has gone well with the clippers and I’d highly recommend.
Tip 1
First and foremost give him something to keep him occupied, I used to give Vinny random new toys to keep him entertained and this worked for quite a few months he didn’t think about what mummy was doing and was more interested in the new fancy toy in front of him.
Tip 2
If your cutting little ones hair alone then I’d recommend popping him into a high chair, this stops him from running away and keeps him in one place and also think about putting his favourite TV show or film if he isn’t too interested in toys or colouring.
Tip 3
Wet the hair before cutting,  if you cut the hair dry it becomes super itchy and irritable for baby so make sure you dampen it a little first so if falls off in clumps preventing that awful itch and irritation. It’s also much quicker and easier to clean up!
Tip 4
Start on the lower part of the head first, this ensures you’ve covered the delicate points around the ears before baby get’s too fed up and wants to run off. There’s nothing worse than letting him run off with half a haircut but half a haircut with only the top part done? That is not a good look.
Tip 5
Cut his hair somewhere where you can easily sweep up, I often cut Vinnys hair in the Kitchen or Bathroom because we have tiles and it’s much easier to tidy once finished.
Tip 6
This final tip is my favourite, Cut daddys hair first this helped us overcome our recent fears of ‘mummy cutting my hair’ with Vinny being older he recently all of a sudden had a fear of me cutting his hair, we’ve had no bad experiences but he just didn’t like the noise of the clippers and the sight of those scissors coming near him so one day I decided to cut Marks hair in front of him and he sat on daddys lap straight away and wanted mummy to do his hair like daddys! Ever since we have used this method and now Vinny wants his hair done before daddy!
I hope you found these tips helpful and if you brave the home haircut then good luck and let me know how you get on! If your already a master at cutting little ones hair at home please share your tips and tricks below!

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