UK Holidays.. In a Caravan?

I’m all about Staycations, I never used to be but since having little Vin theres nothing more I love than exploring the UK with my little family. We are very lucky because we live in Devon so we are super close to the beach and it’s such a pretty location although I will say we don’t go to the beach all that often mainly due to time and lack of planning. I do plan on taking a few UK trips this year, we are off to Bluestone at the end of the month so that will be exciting, we are actually going to be staying in a Luxury Lodge and we can’t wait. 

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I would like to eventually take Vinny on a little caravan holiday, something I never thought I’d say but I actually really love the idea of staying in a little caravan and the idea of not really having to travel far. You can pretty much get great deals all year round and I really love the fact that you wouldn’t need to pack much,  and you can take your own food which is perfect for those with fussy children!
I think I’d like to have a little trip to The Lake District this year, the scenery is beautiful and it would just be great to get on our bikes and go on a little family adventure. LV= actually wrote a really great post called Caravan Holidays in the UK and it features some fantastic caravan locations so if your thinking about going on a super affordable family adventure then definitely check it out!
Have you been on a caravan holiday before, how was your experience? 
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