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Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales for a little family holiday, having read many reviews already we were super excited to go despite the 4 hour car journey! The journey wasn’t actually that bad to be honest and went pretty quick, I was a little worried about the weather though as we have had such glorious sunshine the past few weeks and going on a Lodge holiday I did feel a little apprehensive about the weather that being said we got super lucky and had sunshine pretty much every day! We arrived at Bluestone around 1pm and couldn’t check in until 4pm so we parked up and had a little explore around the grounds and the adventure centre. I have to say 4pm check in was a little late for us, we usually like to go to our accommodation first then explore especially after a long car journey but we still managed ok and had a great first afternoon.
When 4pm came we went to our car to take a drive down to our lodge, Bluestone is a car free zone so we were able to drop off our stuff then park back up in the car park. I think it’s really nice that it’s a car free area especially with a toddler that loves to run free, Vinny was in his element and I really loved how safe it was for him. The lodge itself was super clean, and huge! The Ramsey lodge has an upside down living situation so the beds and bathrooms were downstairs and the kitchen, lounge was upstairs so you could really take in the pretty views. I think I definitely prefer normal living but can see why they make it upside down living in these lodges as the views we’re pretty spectacular.
We had a double bed in our room and Vinny had two singles in his room plus a travel cot which was a fantastic addition although Vinny is a little big for travel cots now and we just planned to pop him into one of the beds when we got there although they were way too high for him and I was a little worried he would fall out so I just popped the bed mattress on the floor and created Vinny a bed on the floor which was fine as we already brought his duvet and pillow. The one negative I’d have about the sleeping situation is that our bed and the floor was super creeky, everytime we walked on the floorboards or rolled over in bed you’d hear the loudest creeks… not best with a toddler that’s already in an unfamiliar environment to hear bless him! Vinny was a little scared the first night but after that he got used to his surroundings and he was fine.
Our lodge was located pretty close to entrance which is what we wanted as it was close to the Adventure Centre and Blue Lagoon water Park which were the main places we visited during our stay. Most mornings we would head to the Adventure Centre and let Vinny have a run about and play, there was lots to do and had lots of fantastic activities for little ones; mini golf, bouncy castle, soft play area, ball pit, arcade, climbing areas and more the Adventure Centre is pretty huge so it was a little chilly.. I didn’t take my coat off the whole time we were in there! I have to say I was a bit gutted we didn’t find the Circus Zone until the last part of our holiday, this was upstairs in the Adventure Centre and only found it due to Vinny having a run about upstairs whilst we were in one of the restaurants. The Circus Zone is perfect for Vinny and with it being in a room you can actually take a seat and let the kids play without having to run after them here there and everywhere, it was fantastic!
Our second favourite place was the Blue Lagoon water park, we visited every day but one and it was amazing, the layout was pretty cool like a beach with old school deck chairs around and a couple of extra areas for the little ones too which was great. Vinny loved the lazy river and the wave pool, he also loved the baby pool and it had a cool little rock pool too which was nice. The cleanliness of this pool and the changing area was fantastic, there was always staff around that were friendly and polite they also made sure everything was clean and tidy which is great!
We never managed to visit any of the restaurants, pubs or cafes whilst in Bluestone mainly because we have a toddler that doesn’t sit still and we’d rather just have a more relaxed stress free vibe at our lodge to eat. We did get a takeaway twice though from the Farmhouse Grill which was actually delivered to our door step! There was no need to go there to order we simply gave them a call and the food was with us within half an hour which is pretty amazing, the staff that delivered our food were so polite and friendly which was really nice to see. It really makes a difference when your served by happy, friendly people and we got that throughout our stay at Bluestone. The food we ordered was delicious but I will say there wasn’t a huge selection to order from, the menu was quite limited so for some that may put them off ordering. We love pizza and chips so we were happy and Vinny also had a kids meal which was goujons and chips which was very generous portion might I add, I kind of wished they did chicken nuggets instead of goujons just to make it a little more kid friendly but Vinny still ate them and seemed to enjoy his meal.
The little village was so cute, there were a few shops and a supermarket which had all you needed. I stupidly forgot to bring any tea bags for our trip so a quick nip to the shop was needed and I was glad to finally have a cup of tea when we got back to our lodge. The lodge does include a welcome pack which had things such as a tea towel, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and spare bin bags but I was a little disappointed there was no tea and coffee sachets like we had when we visited Butlins last year. I think this would make a great addition to the lodges at Bluestone, although only a small change it makes a difference to us mothers that have been travelling all day with a toddler and are in need of their caffeine fix hehe!
We also visited Folly Farm during our stay which I will write about in more detail later on in the week, it was seriously fantastic and the name was pretty deceiving but more on that soon. We had an absolute blast at Bluestone and we’d highly recommend it, next time it would be great to go with more of our family because it’s such a nice place to be there’s lots to explore and to be honest not a very relaxing holiday as we were out doing things all day every day but that’s what we chose to do. For those that like to chill a bit more there is a Spa which looked amazing but as you can imagine I didn’t get a chance to visit due to being so busy with Vinny. The grounds are so pretty at Bluestone and they definitely work the legs whilst walking, it’s pretty hilly and lots of places to walk so bring your comfy shoes and a coat and your set to go!
Have you heard of Bluestone before? I’m so glad we got to visit and plan to go again next year!
Check out the website here for more information, theres so much to read about and so many more activities that I didn’t get to mention so go on over and have a nose!
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