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Over the past two years we have really tried to update our home and have tried to really make it our own, we have renovated the kitchen and garage which you can see here, we have fully decorated all rooms and we have now started on the garden, good thing we have contents insurance because after the amount we’ve spent I couldn’t handle anything happening to any of our new belongings. It’s been a very expensive couple of years and there are still things I’d like to do, it’s crazy how much your taste can change in even a couple of years and I’ve started to make re decorating plans for a few rooms, the first room being our living room. 
Before we moved our old home seemed to have a theme running through it and that was dark furniture and accessories, really I don’t know what was going through my mind but some of that had to come with us when we moved and we just haven’t been able to change them yet due to other priorities. Whilst I’m talking about the living room I’m going to tell you about a few things I’d like to ditch and replace, you’ll know exactly why once I tell you. 
First up we have the sofas, oh my these sofas have to go! I was actually kindly gifted these from my mum when she updated her own sofas and we were super grateful because the ones we had before were pretty terrible. I remember we were so excited to receive them because they came with a reclining chair and even a footstool which we were pretty chuffed about. To be honest the sofas have been great, they are a dark brown leather material which has actually worked really well whilst having a baby they are very easy to clean which is why I’ve been reluctant to change just yet as toddlers can be rather messy! I would love to change eventually though and I plan to get some really comfy sofas, a little more modern and a lighter colour scheme I’m thinking greys and whites because you all know I love a fresh, bright room! 
Another thing I’d like to change in my living room is the striped wallpaper and striped carpet, I thought it would be a really great Idea at the time but now I feel it’s a little stripe overload so I aim to strip it all back to basics and go for something a little plainer next time. I really love the fresh look in my kitchen/diner so I’m going to take inspiration from that and create a nice bright living room to relax in with a modern feel. It’s crazy how colour schemes can really change a room from making it look dated to modern and fresh, I can’t wait to get started although this may not be until next year after all we’ve had a pretty expensive year!
What would you ditch and replace from your home? 

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