How to upload videos faster to YouTube

upload faster youtube

I’ve been doing YouTube for almost two years now and I’ve managed to find out quite a lot along the way to make uploading and filming a lot easier, since it took me a long time to find everything out I thought I’d share random tips with you whether you’re just starting up or for those that have a channel and struggle too, today’s topic is uploading faster! For almost two years now I have been uploading my videos like any other YouTuber, well that’s what I thought just click upload and away we go… I did wonder to myself, wow my Internet must just be really slow as it was taking around 5-6 hours just to upload one video of around 10 minutes long which is pretty ridiculous, it did make me feel more reluctant to film because I always knew uploading would take so long. I may be one of the extreme cases but I do notice a lot of YouTubers complaining about how long uploading a new video takes.

I recently found a new way to upload by compressing the file down, don’t worry the quality stays the same but you can just upload videos quicker, it’s a win, win! I use a programme called Handbrake which is free to download and this basically compresses your file for you and makes uploading so much quicker, If you already knew about this then.. why didn’t you tell me? I’m uploading a 5 minute video at the moment and it says it’s going to take 23 minutes to upload… I mean, how crazy good is that?! How I didn’t know about this before I’ll never know, it wasn’t until I stumbled across a ‘how to make video uploads faster’ video on YouTube that I found out. It’s so simple and something I’d highly recommend.
Hope this little tip helped you and if you have any other questions regarding YouTube do let me know, I’d love to do more posts like this to help you out even the simplest thing like this can save a lot of time and effort!

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