Charles Worthington Colour Revive Tinted Mousses

Charles Worthington Colour Revive Tinted Mousse

I’ve been a blonde for many years now and I have seen many shades of blonde, I’ve also experimented with deeper darker colours in the past and I have even been a brunette for a while but always tend to come back to blonde locks. I am finally happy with my colour, a natural blonde with some natural highlights but I do find that after a few weeks the toner that is used on my hair in the salon to brighten and freshen starts to fade and my hair can look a little dull and lifeless. I always use serums and other various products to help with the condition and overall look and I’ve also tried many Silver shampoos in the past to get rid of any brassy tones in my hair so when a couple of the new Charles Worthington Colour Revive Tinted Mousses popped through my letterbox I was eager to give them a whirl.

This first of a kind product made me super excited to wash my hair and give it a try but I was also a little worried to try it too, I’ve never used such a product and with the mousse being tinted I was scared it would turn my hair yellow, or even worse purple! That being said I thought to myself they wouldn’t create such a product if it was going to turn my hair and odd colour so got on with it. The Colour Revive Tinted Mousses promise to inject life back in to tired or dull looking coloured hair but also bring out natural highlights and tones in virgin hair. There are 5 different mousses to choose from; Blonde, Violet Toning, Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Clear Gloss, I have Blonde and Violet Toning.

Charles Worthington Colour Revive Tinted Mousse violet toning
The first mousse I tried was the Violet Toning mousse, I’m no stranger to a purple shampoo and felt most at ease trying this one. You apply these to damp hair after washing, Section off hair into four sections and apply 1-2 pumps to each section it’s actually much easier then I thought it would be. Once applied I just brushed through my hair with a tangle teaser to make sure the product had been distributed evenly. I could instantly see the mousse working and neutralising any brassy tones which made me even more excited to see it dry, I carried on with my normal blow drying routine although I didn’t add any further products as I wanted to see how the mousse would work alone. I have to admit it didn’t make my hair feel great during the drying process, it felt awfully dry luckily once dried and straightened it was back to it’s soft self and I was very happy with the results I’d definitely recommend this mousse if you are looking to get rid of any brassy tones in your blonde hair it’s a great product and worked instantly!

Charles Worthington Colour Revive Tinted Mousse blonde
Three days later I decided to give the Blonde mousse a whirl, I wasn’t too sure how this would work on my hair and the results weren’t as noticeable as the Violet mousse however I did notice a richer finish to my colour and slight warmer tone, I’d recommend this if you are looking to add warmth and richness to your locks. I followed the same steps to apply as I did with the Violet mousse however this time I followed my usual blow dry routine and used the products I would usually use to blow-dry after applying the mousse, this made my hair feel a lot nicer during the drying process and the finish was a lot smoother.
Overall I really love the Charles Worthington Colour Revive Tinted Mousses, I prefer the Violet as I think it suits my hair the most as I’m always looking for great products to neutralise the brassy tones in my hair this worked amazingly well, it would be nice to see them add a more nourishing ingredient to them for those who don’t use many products in their hair maybe a 2 in 1 detangling and toning product could work well one day? They are ideal to use in between salon visits as a colour top up and also a great summer staple as the sun’s UV rays can considerably fade coloured hair.
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