Slimming World Journey #1

slimming world journey

I’ve always been a fan of reading diet and fitness blogs/posts mainly because it’s always been a struggle of mine and even more so lately. I have found myself reaching for the wrong foods, rather than having proper meals I’ve been snacking most of the day and I just haven’t been feeling my best so I thought I’d take you all along with me to follow my Slimming World Journey. I have done many diets in the past and I actually lost over 2 stone for my wedding with Weight Watchers which I’ve managed to keep off but since the plan changed I just haven’t been able to get used to it and seem to fall of the waggon easily, here we are today starting something fresh and new!

I did go to SW once or twice after I had Vinny and actually followed the plan for a little while on my own but I just feel like I need to refresh myself on the plan and really get motivated so I thought by writing a weekly post it would give me a kick up the bum to actually do something about the way I feel. I am not overweight however I feel uncomfortable in my clothes at the moment and I have a few pairs of pre pregnancy jeans I’d love to fit into so I’m going to give it a good go with Slimming World*, I’m so excited! This is all about a lifestyle change for me and feeling healthy again, eating healthy really does make me feel so much better and I can’t wait for that feeling again.
I hope you like these new posts on Glambeautys and enjoy following my SW journey, I will have a weekly post for you all so make sure you check in and if you are doing the plan or have done in the past I’d love to know your tips and tricks also if you have a blog and have written about your journey please link it below I’d love to have a read. I shall be posting extra foodie type posts on my Instagram too so if you are not following come follow here. 
If you want to join in with me and are thinking about signing up to Slimming world you can do so here.  It’s a really great plan and a lifestyle change I’m excited for.

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