Personal Style // The Maxi Dress

Hello my petals, I hope you are all having a great week. I thought it was about time I featured this gorgeous Maxi dress on Glambeautys, it’s been an absolute staple in my summer wardrobe and so perfect for this hot weather we have been having. I am rather selective when it comes to maxi dresses, I don’t like them to be too clingy yet Im not too keen on overly baggy so what do I do? I go for a gorgeous flowy dress that has a tiny waist belt and added side splits! I am absolutely obsessed with it, I really love how the side splits don’t make me feel overly covered up after all it’s summer and its nice to get a bit of leg out right? It definitely makes me feel nice and glam. 
I’ve been wearing this Floral Print Maxi dress for days out and it’s so comfortable, I adore the pattern and the colours really earthy tones that go amazingly well with my Faux suede biker jacket which might I add is another super comfortable item. Can you tell I like to be uber comfy at all times, I like that I can be though and still stylish at the same time that’s what us mothers love the most! For those wondering on sizes for these items, the dress is a size 10 and the jacket an 8. I think I could have even got away with a 6 in the jacket as it comes up quite big so for those with a small frame may want to go down a size or two. 
Lastly the shoes and accessories, I love these sandals from George Asda super sparkly and the sunglasses are also from Asda for just £5 what a bargain! 
What do you think of this outfit, what is your favourite style maxi to wear?

For details on my super glowy makeup look you can check out my new Strobing Video below!

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