Slimming World Journey #3

I’m not going to lie, week two has been more of a struggle for me but I’m glad to say I did stick to Slimming World 100% and lost 1.5lbs. I’m happy with the loss but would have loved it to be a little bigger, any loss is great though and I’m glad it wasn’t a gain or stay the same. The reason why I struggled is because I am a serial weigher, I weigh myself way too much and when I could see my weight wasn’t going down it would make me feel like all of my efforts were for nothing, that being said I still had a great loss and I’m super excited for week 3. Reading this makes me realise I need to stop being so hard on myself!
Last week I did keep meals quite simple again because it’s been rather hot and muggy I have been opting for salads and colder meals, I really love a fresh salad and my favourite has been; salad, egg, chicken, shredded beetroot, tomatoes and balsamic dressing (1/2 syn) it’s super yummy and surprisingly filling! Treats wise I have been loving my Eton Mess and 10 cal Strawberry Jelly (1/2 syn), I’ve also made sure I’ve had boiled eggs in the fridge just in case I needed a quick syn free snack   on the go. I need to find some more low syn snacks because I love to snack and I’m starting to really miss chocolate although I know you can eat chocolate I still feel super naughty!
For week 3 I am going to try and have as much Superfree as I can, I want to load my plate up with at least 1/2 a plate of superfree and hope that helps to boost my losses. I also want to drink more water, I am terrible at drinking I have about 1 glass of water a day which is in fact an improvement as I used to just have tea so I want to increase the water intake and lessen the caffeine. Here is to another loss, I can’t wait to write next weeks post already I really wish I had started Slimming world sooner I’m really enjoying eating healthy and the food I’ve been eating is super filling there is no depriving yourself and there is always something you can eat when hungry!
Week 2: -1.5 lbs
Total Loss: 4.5 lbs

If you want to join in with me and are thinking about signing up to Slimming world you can do so here. It’s a really great plan and a lifestyle change I’m loving!

Are you currently on the SW plan, how did your week go?

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