Slimming World Journey #4

There was no weigh in update last week mainly due to the fact I had a crazy busy week and my loss wasn’t too huge either, I lost 0.5lbs but a loss is better than nothing I was starting to feel a little down that week as I was working so hard but wasn’t seeing any results plus I was a little worried as it was Marks Birthday the day after weigh in and we had planned a day out with lots of yummy food!

Despite the 0.5 loss I still went ahead with my treat day, after all I had stuck to plan since the start so I thought I deserved a bit of a treat although the day after I did feel rather grotty and bloated… I did step on the scales and had put on 2lbs! Let’s just say I wasn’t in the best mood after seeing that so stuck to plan all week this week and I’m glad to say those lbs have gone plus and extra 1.25 lbs so I’m now down by 6.25 lbs! Yes that 0.25 counts girls! 

As mentioned I had a day off but the rest of the week was on plan and I actually tried to reduce my carb intake slightly by adding more free and super free foods on my plate, I also had a couple of the SW meals from Iceland which were rather yummy. I stuck to yogurts as my evening treat and a rice cake or Alpen bar so nothing too heavy like my usual huge bowl of Eton mess although now I’ve reminded myself of that I think I may have to make it tonight!

Onto week 5 I can’t believe I have stuck to this for 5 weeks! It’s been going really well and I don’t feel like I will be falling off the bandwagon any time soon although I will allow myself a treat day here and there. I am about 5 lbs off of my first target so I hope I can get there soon although I don’t think I will ever get a nice 3 lb+ loss again in a week although a girl can try! Any tips on a good loss? I’m all ears!

Week 3: -0.5
Week 4: -1.25
Total Loss: 6.25lbs
If you want to join in with me and are thinking about signing up to Slimming world you can do so here. It’s a really great plan and a lifestyle change I’m loving!
Are you currently on the SW plan, how did your week go?

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