Vinny // Potty Training, Swimming and New Toys!


It’s been quite a while since I gave you all an update on little Vin so I thought today I’d do just that for you, Vinny is 2 years and 4 months old now which I find absolutely crazy and it wasn’t until we went to Butlins yesterday a year after our first family holiday there that made me realise how much he has changed in the past year, I have found myself just looking at him lately bursting with pride because he is just such a fab little boy.. let me tell you what he has been up to!


Swimming: So yesterday we went to Butlins for a day trip as it was Marks birthday, we had probably the worst weather we’ve had all summer with torrential rain and in the past we would have just not bothered but yesterday I thought ‘hey why not, the rain is not going to ruin our day!’ so on with our planned trip we went.

We went to Butlins last year for our first family holiday and had an absolutely amazing time but this time it was a whole other level, Vinny interacted with other children, the fun characters that were out and about and he even sat with mummy and daddy to have some lunch… These may seem like little things but they made our trip so much more relaxed. Last year Vinny wouldn’t have even stayed in a restaurant let alone sit down in one and he would run away from any of the characters because he was too scared of them.

The most noticeable difference I found in Vinny was swimming, last years trip to Butlins was Vinnys first real trip to a swimming pool that Vinny had ever had he was super nervous, scared of the water and constantly clung himself to daddy but this year was a whole different ball game! Vinny was jumping in the water, off down the slide numerous times and looking to us to impress he was so confident and so happy in the water and to be honest it made me so proud.

In the past if Vinny would accidentally put his head under water he would get scared and cry but this time he would just grab onto my hand, try to swim and giggle along the way it was incredible to watch and see how much he has changed and that is all down to his Konfidence swimming lessons and being Konfidence Swimoligist. The term has just finished for Summer and we have already enrolled him for his next lessons because he enjoys swimming so much, we are off to Butlins again in October for a week and I can’t wait to see how much he has improved again, I will have to take some snaps for you all to see!



Potty Training: Ah the dreaded potty training milestone.. I have to admit this is something I dreaded quite a lot and something I didn’t really feel I needed to rush. To be honest I didn’t think that Vinny would even be interested in potty training before 2 and a half but I’m delighted to say he is now potty trained and it was actually super easy for us to do! We started off by just having nappy free time around the house, this was all good and Vinny soon learnt to go for a wee on the potty without any accidents.

It wasn’t until I started putting pants on him where we hit a tiny bump in the road, Vinny wasn’t able to pull his pants up and down alone which made him have quite a few accidents so I would make sure to ask him every 15-20 minutes  and sit him on the potty. Vinny soon learnt how to pull his pants down but still struggles a little pulling them up but to be honest I’m fine with this and he will soon learn.

One tip I’d give to those starting their potty training journey is to teach them to pull their pants up and down before you start, it will make the transition a lot quicker. We had our first full day out yesterday and Vinny had no accidents, he still wears pull-ups during the night and nap times but he does actually wake when he needs a wee and calls for me to go on the toilet which is so cute, he feels so grown up all of a sudden!! Where did my baby go!


Toys! Lastly let’s talk toys, Vinny loves toys and has a huge obsession with cars, helicopters and aeroplanes… I swear I find a new car around the house everyday and the house seems to be a complete mess from morning until night, toddlers for you! That being said we have been spending a lot of time outside in our garden which still isn’t complete by the way hence the lack of garden posts. Vinny has been playing in his Little Tikes Cape Cottage non stop when outside, it’s a gorgeous red playhouse that’s actually super stylish and modern. I love the look of this house in our garden it’s got super contemporary feel and perfect for little boys and girls, I’m so glad we managed to find playhouse for Vinny that isn’t girly as a lot of the houses around are always super girly and feminine.

When the cottage arrived Vinny couldn’t wait to get it out the box and insisted mummy and daddy put it together, we actually put it together whilst in the house which was a bit silly as it wouldn’t fit through our french doors to put outside but that didn’t matter too much as we just left it in our living room for a few days for Vinny to play. It worked out quite well actually as the weather wasn’t very nice the first few days we had it so Vinny had plenty of time to play in it whilst it was inside. We finally managed to get it outside and it slots perfectly into a small patio area in our garden, we decided to leave it on the patio as we have only just had our grass laid and didn’t want to ruin that but to be honest I still think I will keep it on the patio as it looks nice on it.


The house has so many cute little details such as a letter box that actually works might I add, gorgeous white windows that can be opened and shut. Vinny loves his new playhouse! You can find out more about the Little Tikes Cape Cottage here, this Cottage retails from £99.99 and is suitable from 24 months to 5 years old it also comes in tan/red or pink!


There is so much more I can update you all on but this post is pretty long now so I shall leave it at that for now and write another post in a few weeks for you, Vinny is such a chatterbox now and we can have full conversations together it’s so cute, love my little buddy he is the cutest!


Has your little one met any milestones lately? They change so much don’t they!


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