6 Things that Make me Feel Amazing!

I was reading through Kirsties post the other day from A Yellow Brick Blog called 6 products that give me an instant confidence boost  and I thought what a great idea for a post so thanks to Kirstie I have been inspired to create my own post that features products and regimes that make me feel better about myself on a weekly basis. This is more of a routine and happens weekly as I start to feel a little drab so let me talk you through my pamper, confidence boost essentials.


Fresh Hair & a Blow Dry!
Oh lordy, if you know me well then you will know I am very lazy when it comes to my hair and that’s part of the reason I had it chopped off into a lob! Even though I’ve had it cut I’m still pretty lazy and tend to wash it twice a week and after one of those washes I will treat my hair to a cheeky blow dry, I usually do this on a Thursday or Friday so my hair is looking fresh and pretty for the weekend.


Tan, Tan, and more Tan
I love a bit of self tan every now and again, I would probably say that in the Summer I can tan upto 3 times a week if I have something special on or just want to look extra tanned. My ultimate favourite and fool proof go-to tanning brand is Cocoa Brown Tan, I use the Dark tanning mousse and what I love so much about this is that once applied you don’t feel sticky and can go to bed feeling ‘normal’ if that makes sense and wake up in the morning looking beautifully bronzed. I also use the Gentle Bronze lotion to keep the tan topped up and to ensure it wares off evenly… I’m quite addicted to Marissas Snaps on Snapchat and if you follow her to I bet you want to start Tontouring (contouring the face with tan) Something I need to try asap!


A Lovely Bubble Bath
I have never enjoyed baths so much, when you become a mother and get the opportunity to have a baby free/husband free moment to yourself you definitely make the most of it and a bubble bath is the perfect tine for just that. I love to gather all of my favourite pamper products, light some candles, grab my iPad and catch up on new YouTube videos, the time goes pretty quick but my oh my I feel amazing afterwards it is literally bliss.

New PJs!
I’m a pyjama addict I buy new jimmy jams probably on a monthly basis… my addiction used to be a lot worse and I used to buy weekly but since having Vinny I don’t have the luxury of being able to try them on these days and often buy the wrong sizes meaning they just end up in the airing cupboard for years on end. Seriously though new pyjamas make me so happy! I have recently just received a new pair of PJs from Cyberjammies and oh gosh these take comfort to a whole new level, I’ve been on the look out for comfortable loungewear and these fit in perfectly, the material is uber comfortable and the colour is just perfect for Autumn/Winter… I’m addicted!


Full Cover Foundation
A rather random one, you may find it hard to believe being a beauty blogger and all I actually wear very little makeup on a daily basis I pretty much apply a tinted moisturiser or even just moisturiser in the morning and I’m done so when I actually do my makeup properly and pop on a full cover foundation I instantly feel glam and more put together. I always finish this off with some bronzer and highlighter and no matter how the rest of my makeup looks as long as my complexion is looking amazing I feel great.


Little Vinny
Luckily I get to be with my little boy every day and each day he just comes out with the most priceless phrases and does the funniest things, Vinny now talks to me all the time and often comes out with ‘love you mummy’ probably because I always call him even if we are out in a shop and say ‘love you Vinny’ (creepy mum alert) he always replies back and he is just the sweetest little boy, he definitely makes me feel special if I’m feeling a little crappy or sad.
What things, routines, or people make you feel amazing if you are feeling a little meh?

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