How to Praise Yourself And Be Proud of Your Blog

 I have always been that kind of person that is a little too hard on themselves, I never really believe I can do things and have a lot of self doubt. I have recently found myself being a little too self critical about my blog and YouTube channel, on a daily basis I have my ups and downs I feel happy and alive when a new post goes live and then I feel down when I feel that content isn’t good enough even though I spent hours putting it together. It’s a real vicious circle and I will admit I get this feeling daily, I’m not sure what it is or why I get that feeling but I always think I can do better and beat myself up about it when I feel I haven’t done myself proud.

That being said when I am feeling happy and content I do realise that my content is good and if it wasn’t then I wouldn’t have the readers I have or get any of the lovely comments I do so I thought I’d put this post together to teach myself to praise myself a little more and to stop being so hard on my little ol blog. I’ve put together a few things we can all think about to help us feel better about our blogs (if you feel the same as I do) to give ourselves aswel as our blogs a bit of credit.

Why did you begin? Think about why you started blogging, I bet it wasn’t for stats, free things or negativity. I started because I enjoyed makeup and my friends would always ask me for tips and tricks, I started reading blogs and enjoyed them so much I wanted to start my own. Little did I know I’d still be here writing two and a half years later. I’m the sort of person that goes through phases and hobbies generally last about 2 weeks believe me I have had my fare share of hobbies so to have carried on this journey for over two years I’m incredibly proud of myself and the joy I have had from this blog. I have been able to share some great memories and even expand my blog by including more categories such as life, parenting and my latest love home and decor and it really makes me happy.

Look Back your Achievements Whether it was getting noticed from a brand because you reviewed one of their products or if you received an email from a reader because your post really helped them you have many achievements. I have had many emails from readers and have built up great relationships with brands over the years, I even hosted my own blogger event with another blogger I had never met and it went really well. I have also been able to make this hobby into a career and one that I really love and enjoy, and I’ve met some amazing talented and inspiring people along the way.

New Skills Have you learnt any new skills since you started your blog? Wether it’s basic HTML, how to take a non blurry photos or even how to just make your blog look better that is a skill and one you have achieved all on your own. I have learnt so many new skills and some I now see as a passion and a joyful part of blogging, I really enjoy photography and how much it has changed since I started.

I used to take all of my photos with my iPhone 3 when I first started and then 6 months later got my first DSLR the Canon 600D ever since that day I have had a real passion for photography and the equipment even though it’s pretty pricey! I can create amazing images for my blog and even for my home as I love taking photos of my gorgeous boy Vinny and that is all down to this blog and my new love for photography. 

Repost Old Posts How often do you look back at your old posts? Not often enough right? We spend all these hours putting all the effort into these posts so instead of just sharing it on the day you publish go back to old posts and repost, share on social media and make sure everyone gets a read. After all there may be someone out there looking for that post and it may really help them out so don’t worry if that post is 1 or 2 years old, you still wrote it to be helpful and informative and it can still help others now.

Give Yourself Some Credit
We all spend hours and hours creating blog posts, taking photos, editing, filming and sharing on social media that is a lot of work so give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of what you have achieved. Your blog is a place where you can come to express your feelings, thoughts and share experiences so enjoy it and be proud of it. Remember and go back to read the lovely comments you receive on a day to day basis, list some of your favourites and even get in touch with some of those that left the comments to give thanks after all it made you smile and it may make them smile to know that too.
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I hope you enjoyed this more personal raw post from me, sometimes it’s good to just get everything off your chest and express your true feelings. I may still have days I am not happy with my blog or YouTube channel but I don’t feel like I am the only one in this situation so if you feel the same or have done in the past then I hope this was helpful. I have had the image above as the Screensaver on my Macbook this week and it had really made me feel more inspired and motivated whenever I log on, I’m super excited for the future and I’m feeling proud of my little space on the Internet.

How do you praise yourself and your blog?

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