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My style has changed massively over the years, I’ve been through many different ‘phases’ and when I first met Mark I was going through a ‘the baggier the better’ kind of stage. I wore clothes that were way too big for me and I kind of blame that on the fact I wasn’t happy with my body at that point so I would wear things to try and hide my body and the way it looked. It wasn’t until 2011 when I was getting ready for my wedding that my style started to change, I had lost weight for my wedding and I was starting to feel confident about the way I looked… clothing got tighter, dresses got shorter and I felt great. Wedding done it was time for babies and another huge body change, when I became pregnant with Vinny I definitely ate for 2 and made the most of it my maternity style was comfortable more than anything and after I had Vinny was when my style really changed again and for the better!
I’ve always been one to take care of the way I look, hair and makeup always done but when it came to fashion I was a little hit and miss until now. I feel that ever since I became a mother I stepped into a new style zone and it wasn’t one I expected, I thought I’d dress frumpy and go back to that ‘baggy is better’ stage. In a way I have but not the way I was 8 years ago, I wear loose camis over skinny fitted jeans and nice wrap coats to exxcentuate my waist. I have learnt how to adjust my style as a mother, I wear fabrics that are comfortable for example the dress I’m wearing in todays post is a gorgeous thick jersey material, it’s comfortable yet figure hugging and the design of the dress adds some style to my look, I no longer look like that frumpy mum I always thought I’d be. 
I was recently asked to take part in a Style Evolution Project with M&S to share with you all how I’ve embraced style change through a milestone in my life, the milestone I chose was becoming a mother as I believe this is where my style has changed the most I’d describe my style now as comfortable with a sophisticated chic twist. I adore this Wrap Overcoat from M&S as you can see this is a key item for anyones wardrobe, I love the wrap over design it’s great for slimming the waistline. It features a gorgeous exaggerated collar, smooth leatherette cuffs and pocket tabs it really is a timeless piece that is comfortable yet stylish and it goes really well at dressing up a more casual outfit as you can see the Striped Twofer Tunic dress is another versatile piece you could easily dress this down by wearing flat sandals with it or some more colourful pieces but for my outfit today I decided to dress it up slightly by adding my shoe boots, some sunlgasses and my LV bag! I love these boots they are so comfortable! 
I tend to have a few key pieces in my wardrobe these days that I like to wear, I call it my capsule wardrobe included in this are; black skinny jeans, shoe boots, a couple of camis, a nice dress and a good coat. I also have a couple of lovely bags, my Louis Vuitton Speedy B 25 being my ultimate favourite and a few jewellery pieces too all of which go really well together. I tend to stay away from too many colours and keep everything pretty neutral in my wardrobe, I think this definitely makes an outfit look more sophisticated on me and I love that style. 
How has your style changed over the years, would you say it’s changed for the better and did you have any major style disasters? 
*For reference the coat and dress are both a size 8 and this I was kindly sent these items for M&S Style Evolution Project, all views and opinions are of course my own. 

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