Glasses Direct 7 Day Trial

glasses direct 7 day trial
I recently had my routine eye check through work and found out I need a new prescription, I’ve always had prescription glasses but haven’t always worn them to be honest. I’ve noticed more and more recently though that my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and after having a move around in the living room and the sofa being further away from the TV I tend to squint a lot more so it’s time I take care of my eyes and start wearing my glasses for TV and driving!

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glasses direct 7 day trial
glasses direct 7 day trial
I was given the opportunity by Glasses Direct to do a free home trial, basically Glasses Direct offer a free 7 day home trial service where you can pick 4 different frames to try at home, kind of a try before you buy service which I think is really fantastic because you can always get such great offers online but I’m always usually a little wary of just buying frames before I’ve tried them just incase they don’t suit me so by having this trial I was able to see which glasses suited me best and to my surprise it was the ones I thought wouldn’t so it was actually really great to try and to see how they fit. Now I’ve picked the frames I like all I need to do is place the order online and wait for my new pair to arrive with the prescription, Ideal! 
glasses direct 7 day trial
As you can see the glasses I chose were all pretty similar, I opted for more tortoiseshell colours rather than blacks as I thought they would suit me better and I’m happy with the colours I chose. Some of the glasses are a little overpowering on my face such as the Scout Nation pair and Scout Siren but overall I’m very happy with my picks, I could have been a little more adventurous but I’m always so safe with my decisions. The pair I have chosen to go with are the London Retro Bakerloo glasses, I really love the design of these they are a little more quirky and I think they suit my face the best. 
Which did you like the most, have I made the right decision? 
Get your free 7 day trial from Glasses Direct here. 

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