How to be a money savvy blogger

Whether you are saving for a house, a holiday or even a special new outfit it can definitely be hard not to over spend especially when you are a blogger. As a blogger we all tend to go through a phase of feeling little pressured to buy all of the latest products or fashion trends but often forget about those things that we are actually saving for or the fact that we can’t actually afford it so today I’m bringing to you my top three tips for saving as a blogger and what has worked for me whilst saving up my pennies.
Shop my stash
This is a favourite of mine and comes in rather handy on a weekly basis, when you are running out of things to write about or if you are just lacking a little inspiration on what to write about then why not shop your own stash of makeup. 9 times out of 10 I find a little gem and a product I’ve either not used before or used to love so it’s a great way of recycling old products and making them relevant and new again.
Challenge yourself
If you want to create a fabulous fashion post but you are feeling little down because you can’t afford those £500 pair of boots then don’t worry, there are so many high street shops, and preloved sites like eBay and depop that have amazing alternatives and you can create fabulous steal their style type posts which will be more relevant to readers and make them want to grab a bargain too. Amazing outfits and style doesn’t have to cost a fortune!
Work with what you have 
When I first started blogging I didn’t have amazing equipment, in fact I used my iPhone 3GS and got to work. I wasn’t incredibly happy with having to use my phone but it did work for a while until I could afford something better, there is no need to buy everything all at once either. I have slowly acquired all of my equipment from tripods to cameras and lenses and I rarely use my professional lighting these days because I find the natural free light in my kitchen works amazingly well. Take a look around your house, find a room that gives great light and set yourself up for photos/videos and blogging!
Do you spend way too much when it comes to blogging or are do you do your best to be money savvy too? I save and keep an eye on my Credit report too which is great for keeping you on track especially when it comes to making big purchases like your first home! You can quickly check your report on Experian Credit Check to make sure your spending is on track and your not going overboard, it’s great to be aware of your spending and these little changes can really help your saving.

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